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Five Things Every Office Work Space Needs

Everyone has that one item that makes their work day more productive. It may be your favorite pen, a ball of rubber bands, or maybe even a jar of candy!

There are countless items that can improve your productivity. Here are the top five that other people say that can’t work without:


5.  Snacks

Everyone has that one hour in the day that their body wants to take a nap. When your at work, that is not a possibility. You got things to do and people to help! But your eyes are still getting heavy. You need a little bit of a pick me up! Chewing gum can help keep your brain chugging along. Chocolate can give you a sweet burst of energy to carry you through. Whatever your preference, get a couple packages of them and store them in your desk drawer for when it is really needed!


4. Cleaning Wipes

For some people, your workspace is your home away from home. Areas such as your keyboard, phone, and monitors can collect a lot of dust and particles. Just like keeping your house clean, you often need to do a routine clean up of your desk.  It’s a good chance to take a breath, clear your head and your workspace.


3. Framed Photos

Again, this is your space! You should take care of it so you feel at home. Bring in a few photos of your family or your puppy to give you a smile throughout the day.

Plus, here at Porter’s we believe the bigger the better. If you want a poster sized photo of your puppy, we got you covered!


2. Stress Relief Items

Sometimes the best ideas come when you are thinking hard and keeping your hands busy with a stress ball or a fidget spinner.

Check out the ones we have here at Porter’s Office Supply!


1. Calendar/To Do List

The key to productivity is to be productive of course! There is a lot to remember and events can sneak up on you! It is important to have something to keep track of dates whether it is pocket sized or desktop size.


Don’t let your workspace be a place you don’t want to be. Add some flare, personality, and flexibility to it! These items will help you be more productive and feel better about your work day.


photo credit: Julie Bonner

Safety in the Workplace

We all know the warning signs we see when in a car. The stop signs, crossing signs, and stop lights all keep us safe on the road. At home, we are all in charge of making our houses safe in the best ways we can for ourselves and our families. In the work environment, in can be hard to adjust to the new area and understand what is needed to remain safe. There are many tips we have for you to do your best to keep yourself and others safe while at work.

Be Aware

The most important thing to remember when trying to remain safe in the office is to be aware of your surroundings. Always concentrate on where you are going instead of texting or listening to loud music while walking. There may be a wet floor sign or something harmful on the ground that you could miss if you are not concentrating on where you are stepping. It’s very important to have your ears open too, just in case you don’t see those harms but someone else is there to warn you.

Company Policies

When you first are hired, talk with your boss about safety regulations. Ask about what the policy is on robberies, lockdowns, fires, and any other emergency you can think of. Memorize the lockdown drill and where the best emergency exits are located. If your boss assigns you an emergency role, be responsible for learning it. Your role could be pushing an alarm button or putting out a small fire in your designated area with a fire extinguisher. Whatever it is, make sure you practice it in your mind over and over until you have it down so that you can have a clear mind during an emergency.

Fire Safe Area

It is very important to try to keep your own area safe. One of the ways to do that is to make sure it is fire safe. Make sure your desk isn’t always cluttered, because then it becomes harder to contain if a little fire begins. You should make it a priority to protect important items and documents by using fire safe file cabinets or safes. Also, make sure that file cabinets, carrying cases, and other large objects are not obstructing your path to the fire exits. Every day, take a small break and walk your path to the nearest fire exits. Make sure that nobody has put anything in the way that could prevent you or others from getting out of the building.

Individual Safety

Now that the obvious physical safety concerns have been met, let’s talk a little more about mental, emotional, and internal health. An everyday office job can have horrible effects on a person’s well-being. Stress overloads often occur, depression can settle in, heart disease, back pain, and other horrible problems can easily become a reality to any worker. The mental and emotional problems from work can be reversed simply by decluttering and reorganizing your mind. Many people hold in more stress than is needed. Little things like to-do lists to get your thoughts on paper, listening to music, using a fidget pen or spinner, cleaning your desk at the end of the day, and taking short breaks can do a lot to improve your productivity and emotions. As for the back pain, what type of chair you have and how you sit in it can affect you greatly. If you can, try to find the best chair for you, and maybe even get a back support or footrest if you need. Make sure that you do your best to have good posture and often stand up, even if just for a minute every hour. The more short, walking breaks you take throughout the day, the less likely you are to gain weight and increase your risk for heart disease.

Five Essentials for Spring Cleaning Your Office

Oh Hiya!

Your Essentials for Spring Cleaning (1)

Meg here, and don’t you know it, the snow is melting away and we’re starting to see the very first signs of spring. Believe it or not, one of my favorite parts of the spring season is the chance to get a fresh start in my office. I love to clear away the clutter of winter and have a fresh, clean desk to go right along with the new season. To get you in the spirit of spring cleaning, I’ll let you in on my five secrets and essentials for office cleaning!

  • Start Fresh- It’s hard to complete a full spring cleaning with half a mess on your desk. I always start my cleaning with a clear desk, tossing out the old coffee cups and papers that seem to pile up without warning.
  • Disinfect the Desk- Say goodbye to all those winter germs! I love these Lysol Disinfecting Wipes for wiping down all my work surfaces. The container takes up no space at all in my desk drawer and they work so well. Grab some for your desk.
  • Downsize the Clutter- Remember all that junk you cleared off your desk in the beginning? Time to tackle it! Take a good, hard look at everything and only keep the things you’ll need every day out in the open. Organize the rest in files and throw out the things that won’t be needed.
  • Junk Drawer No More- You know the drawer I’m talking about! It’s got all your loose paper clips and pens that have a tiny bit of ink left in them. Well, spring is the best time to clear it all out. I have a few in-drawer organizers that really keep things in their place and I recommend finding an organization system that works for you.
  • Bring Spring In- My favorite part of spring cleaning my desk is bringing in a little outdoor cheer to my space. Bring in a cute flower or plant to brighten up your desk. Whether it’s real or artificial, a little color will do wonders for your workspace!

These spring cleaning secrets and essentials will turn your wintery desk into a pretty spring space!

Until next time,


Tidying Up Your Office For Higher Productivity


Messy Office


If you find yourself drowning in a sea of chaotic paperwork or just with a cluttered desk without rhyme or reason, fear not office warrior. You’re definitely not the only white collar worker dealing with a messy work area.  This guide can’t tell you exactly what the underlying reason behind your office looking like a post-apocalyptic nightmare is, but it does cover the best quick fixes.  Here are some organizing essentials to take control of your space and get productive like never before.

Some of the best advice I’ve ever gotten on workplace organization is to establish work zones.  You’ll probably have a main work space, a reference area (shelves, binders, filing cabinet), and a supply area (closet or drawers).  Positioning the supplies that are used most frequently within reach will go a long ways towards becoming a time management master when you’re faced with a critical deadline on a project, etc.  The first step to decluttering should begin with getting all your papers filed away in a compact cabinet for quick and easy access. Depending on your needs, features vary from locking drawers to heavy duty construction to wheels for mobility.  The brands HON and Lorell have consistently offered some of the best quality file cabinet builds at the lowest price.  For a small two drawer setup the HON 410 series is a favorite.  Or, for more capacity, the 4 drawer Lorell options make for a sturdy investment against clutter.

Taking the time to label shelves, drawers, and bins will not only serve as a helpful reminder where things are, but also help others who may need to find something at your workspace.  Brother label makers with a full QWERTY keyboard makes this step a breeze and beyond organizing your office space can be used to organize all aspects of your business.

A filing cabinet is only as useful as the filing system you’ve established.  Whether it’s expanding files or file folders, you can have a spot for everything and never misplace an important document again.  Online cloud storage as a document backup service, both in the cloud and on an external hard drive is an inexpensive insurance against Murphy’s Law to avoid any workplace disasters.  There are also many smartphone apps available for free to scan documents and convert the image to a pdf file.  And to handle all those files for storage, Fellowes brand banker boxes with a 450 lb. stacking weight limit is one of the most convenient ways to get everything out of the way.

Perhaps the best tip of all for office organization is to schedule time each day to deal with emails and return phone calls.  Doing this once in the morning and once in the afternoon tends to be the most efficient.  Setting lots of little 10-15 deadlines back-to-back can yield amazing results by day’s end.  With these essential products and organizational life hacks, workplace performance will go through the roof and the chaos that once ruled your desk space will be replaced with space for you to get creative and enjoy your work.



Work Place Wellness

Oh Hiya!

It’s a new year, and that means it’s time to prepare 365 more days of hard work (366 since 2016 is a leap year)!

Untitled design (6)

Avoid all of those nasty sicknesses by practicing workplace wellness and cleanliness. Keeping your office clean not only keeps germs away, but also keeps you focused and productive. Here are some helpful tips for staying clean and organized this year!

Declutter: The “messy bed, messy head” theory works here, as well! If your desk is full of random papers and tools, it’s time to send them to their proper home. Papers should be properly organized with folder, desk organizers and filing systems; they could even be scanned in and saved electronically! Once a document has served its purpose or been properly filed digitally, don’t let it linger. The Fellowes Powershred 62MC Micro-Cut Shredder is perfect for any office needing to declutter!

Sanitize: Once you know exactly which documents are hanging around and which are shredded, it’s time to get rid of those germs, too! It is important to wipe down your office every couple of months, especially during cold and flu season. I recommend using the Marcal U-size-It Paper Towels to catch those little buggers and stay healthy throughout the year!

Be Proactive: Set up precautions in your office to stay clean and organized for the entire year! This is not another resolution to give up on! Stock up on trash bags, tissues and hand sanitizer to keep the messiness at bay. The Fellowes MobilePro Keyboard/Cover Case is perfect for keeping crumbs and germs out of your keyboard. The cover is easy to clean, so you don’t need to worry about ruining your iPad!

If you can declutter, sanitize and be proactive, your 2016 should just swell!

Until next time,


Say Goodbye To Your Messy Workspace.

Oh Hiya! Meg here, to talk about keeping your office organized! Nothing is worse for productivity than a messy workspace. I know better than anyone how hard it is to get started organizing when you’re looking at a mess, but with these tips I promise you’ll be motivated to get tidy in no time!


  • Toss It Out- it’s so easy to keep to-do lists, old documents and papers, and even knickknacks for far too long. Take some time to go through the papers, files, and lists on your desk to sort through what you need to keep and what can be tossed out. You’d be surprised at how much neater your space can look after a good deep clean!


  • Check that Schedule- I’ve found myself writing one too many sticky notes with dates and times for important meetings. Pretty soon, I’ve run out of free space at my desk! Take care of those sticky notes in a snap with this adorable At-A-Glance Monthly Desk Pad Calendar (AAGDMD16632). Of course, I picked out the one with the adorable puppies for my desk.


  • Desktop Redesign- Chances are, it’s been a while since you’ve reorganized your desktop. Take a minute to re-organize, and redesign if you will, your desk. Switch things around to create a space that feels new and you’ll be motivated to keep it looking great. I’ve just put a new organizer, the Bankers Box Stor/Drawer Steel Plus (FEL-00311), on my desk to store my mail and loose papers and it’s made such a difference!


  • Don’t Forget the Drawers- It’s easy to focus on the surface and forget about the drawers at your desk. This is a full cleaning of your space, so buckle down and sort through your drawers. It can help to use drawer organizers to keep wayward paperclips, staples, and sticky notes in their place.


  • Keep a List- Keep a single list of all the things you have to do each day. Whether it’s a notepad or a single sheet of paper, you’ll stay organized and on task when you have a list and a neat desk. I’ve found I’m more motivated to jot down a note if I have a smooth writing pen, like the MR Gel Ink Pen, from the Animal Collection (PIL91234). I chose the White Tiger print, to add some pizzazz to my pen!


Now it’s time to congratulate yourself! Organizing your workspace is no easy feat, but after you’ve conquered this list, I’m confident you can take on anything. Enjoy your new workspace and remember; a clean desk is a productive desk.

Office Resolutions

Oh Hiya! Meg here, with some easy ideas to take your work day from dull to down right super. Your job may not be the most exciting part of your day, but these workplace resolutions will go a long way to brightening your office outlook.

Workplace Solutions Porters Office Supply










  • Learn Something New– Don’t take for granted all the exciting work your company does! Take an active part in learning something new about your workplace and you’ll be surprised at how much more exciting your job can be. Whether you take a minute to chat with a co-worker about their task list or read up on the recent happenings, staying in the loop keeps you motivated to do your best.


  • Sit Up– Sitting for 8 hours in a day can really wear on a body, leaving you feeling exhausted at the end of the day. To combat that sleepy feeling that comes right around 3:00, I’ve decided to stand up and stretch it out. I’m working on taking a short break every hour to give myself a little time to breathe and re-energize. Whether you take a quick walk to the water cooler or take a minute to stand up at your desk, you’ll notice a difference.


  • Keep It Clean– Nothing decreases my productivity than a messy workspace. It’s so easy to get distracted in the piles of paper and notes that I simply forget my to-do list. I’m working on staying organized and taking time to neaten up my desk before I head home at night. A neat desk in the morning leads to a successful day!


  • Stop Slumping– As the day goes on, I’ve found that my posture starts to droop as well. When I get up to take a little stretch during the day, I’ve found that my posture improves when I sit back down. Getting two things done at once is a great way to improve productivity!


  • Positive Notes– Take a minute to jot down a little note about a positive thing that happened during the day. It can be big or small, from drinking an extra glass of water to checking that big project off your to-do list. Then, at the end of the week take a look at all the wonderful things you’ve accomplished. You’ll be smiling in no time!


These resolutions are sure to put a smile on your face during your workday. Have a great month everyone!

Summertime Sickness?

Woman with allergy sneezing
Ever wonder why we don’t get sick as often in the summertime? Believe it or not, there’s a genetic reason for it. And while it’s still possible to get sick in the summer, it’s far less likely. Here’s why:
We don’t get sick as often because just like the weather changes with the seasons, so do our genes. During the winter, our bodies produce more of the genes linked with inflammation in order to protect us from colds and the flu. This can trigger swelling and discomfort.
In the summer, our bodies pump up the levels of different genes, including those that help regulate blood sugar and help us burn excess fat.
You CAN contract a cold when it’s warm, but it’s less likely useful content. Colds and the flu can come from over 200 different viruses, some of which are prevalent in the summertime.
Summer can make sick people sicker. When you get sick, your body is less able to regulate its temperature. Extra hot summer days can take this to the next level, raising your body temperature to dangerous levels and causing complications to preexisting illnesses. In extreme conditions, this can lead to heat stroke.

Colds can strike any time of year, so stock up on our janitorial products to keep office germs at bay.

How Good is PURELL?

Providing PURELL® Hand Sanitizer to

Employees Led to 20% Fewer Sick Days

Providing PURELL® Hand Sanitizer to Employees Led to 20% Fewer Sick Days

Think about how much more you accomplish at work when you’re healthy—and how much you miss when you’re not there.

When you can’t be at work because you are sick you miss a lot. And when you show up too under the weather to get much done, you not only are less than optimally productive, but you spread germs to all of your co-workers as well.

When FedEx Custom Critical added PURELL Instant Hand Sanitizer to its work environment, the company saw a 20 percent reduction in absenteeism1. That’s because PURELL gave employees a better chance at fighting off the germs of co-workers. People could accomplish more at work and, later, at home.

PURELL helped reduce sick days and increased productivity at FedEx—just as it can do for you and your work life.

1 FedEx Outcome Study Executive Update: Interim Report, July 27, 2004, (unpublished) GOJO industries, Inc., 90.3% confidence interval.


A Slick Situation

Like every other day you are in a little bit of a rush to grab something to eat as you quickly get ready for another day of work. Dashing out the door you make for your car totally oblivious to the danger that’s lying in wait for you. And as you reach your door it strikes! Slipping, your foot and ankle make their way under the car causing a sever twist to occur. A couple winters ago this was my dad and he took weeks to recover. So many of us have had similar experiences or near misses. Aside from occasionally providing humor to those who get to witness someone take a spill, probably shouldn’t laugh but we’re all human, there is nothing good about ice build up. The last thing any company needs is liability for someone’s fall because they have been ignoring the sidewalks and parking areas they provide for customers.

This winter do the right thing and make sure you are making the outside of your business a safe place for people to visit. Be proactive and get someone out there breaking up the thick spots and use liberal amounts of ice melt. try to have hand rails clean and assessable as well. Your priority areas are any thing with stairs. These pose the greatest threat. Try and also find where snow is melted by the layout of your property such as the roof. the water leaks to specific areas and then freezes as soon as it’s away from the heat source. These will always be your problem areas to watch.

There are so many reasons to love winter and ways to enjoy it. We don’t have to loath the white winter we have, we just need to be conscious of it’s dangers. Take the time to make it a safe winter and have some fun with it.