Think Beyond the Big Box...

Meet Your Driver Marshal

Marshal McAllister has spent 1.5 years as a driver for us. He does not have a specific route he goes where he is needed. He is 6 feet 3 inches tall.

1. What is your favorite part of being a driver for Porter’s? 

Marshall’s favorite part of being a driver is the versatility.

2.What are 3 words to describe Porter’s?

The first word Marshall thought of that best describes Porter’s is family. The second word is Quality and the third word is Fun.

3.Favorite movie quote?

“Avengers, Assemble” – Captain America

4. Favorite Disney character, Least favorite Disney character and why?

Micky Mouse is his favorite because it all started with the mouse.

His least favorite character is the Evil Queen from Snow White because she is evil.

5. What do you like to do on your day off?

Marshal likes to spend his days off hanging out with his wife and young son. It doesn’t get much better than that honestly.

6. Which Olympic sport do you think you have the best chance of not coming in last?

Our Marshal is a humble guy and an athletic specimen. He believes he has a real chance of not finishing last in every Olympic sport. This includes the 100-meter dash where the slowest time in the 2016 Olympics was 11.81 seconds.

7. If you could only eat one food what would it be?

He was a little broad here, but the judges will allow it. He went with breakfast food of any kind. That seems reasonable since there are a large variety of breakfast foods. Plus, nobody could ever get tired of bacon.

8. If you could travel anywhere in the world where would you go?

Since right now nobody can travel anywhere in the world, we can only dream. Marshals dream is to travel to Tokyo Disneyland. That does sound awesome.

9. What superpower would you choose and why?

For his superpower Marshal would like to have the healing factor of wolverine. He hopes that he could be studied and find a cure to covid-19 through his healing capabilities. That sure would be nice so then he could go to Tokyo Disneyland with no worries.

We hope when you see Marshal our running his routes you give him a wave and a hello. But keep your bacon close by because the guy loves his breakfast food. We love having Marshal in our Porters family and we hope you love having him as your driver.

6 Quarantine Home Office Essentials

Because of COVID-19 many business’ have been forced to have their employees work from home. This can pose a problem for employees that do not have a home office. To help with that we have identified your 6 Quarantine Home Office Essentials. We know these are unprecedented times, but we hope this will make your home office a little comfier and more productive.

  1. The first thing you need is a comfy chair. The chair can make or break your home office. Finding the right chair can sometimes be a bit challenging. To make things easier we picked out some of our favorites. The Lorell Executive High-back Swivel chair is a popular choice. It also comes in a variety of colors. If your looking for a chair with a little more support and comfort you could try the Lorell High Back Mesh chair with a headrest. The lumbar support will help to prevent lower back strain. If these two chairs do not fit your needs, we offer hundreds of other options as well.
  2. Once you have the chair figured out the next thing, you will need is a desk. There are also several styles of desks to choose from. You could go with a Sit & Stand desk. Or if you want to go a more traditional route that is an option too. There is a standard desk, or you could go a little fancier with a contemporary Veneer.
  3. The next thing we recommend are tools to keep you organized. You are going to need a desk organizer to keep all your supplies from cluttering your worksurface. Another item that will help keep you organized are file folders. It is easy to lose important papers at home. You don’t want to waste time looking for a paper that has been colored since the last time you saw it.
  4. Of course, you will need your general office supplies to get any work done. Do not forget about those little office supplies you take for granted like, rubber bands, staples, whiteout and more. These items, although they may be small, they can really make some situations inconvenient.
  5. Another item that could prove helpful in your quarantine home office is a printer. Some people prefer to print papers out and mark them up, rather than doing it electronically. When you get your printer do not forget to get a spare ink cartridge just in case you run out. Just as important is the paper you need to print on. Once you have all that you should be ready to print.
  6. The last Quarantine Home Office Essential you need are noise canceling headphones. This might be the most important thing you get for your home office. If you have kids, you know your house is probably the loudest place on earth. Noise cancelling headphones might be the best thing you buy during your time in quarantine.

We hope these items help you keep your sanity during quarantine and help you to stay productive while you work from home!

Meet Your Driver Doug

Our beloved Doug has been with Porters for almost 12 years. We thought he would be the perfect guinea pig to kick off our “Meet Your Driver” blog. We’re sure a lot of our customers have been graced with Doug’s presence through the years, but we wanted to take this opportunity and let you get to know him a little bit more. We asked him to fill out a short questionnaire.

First are the important details. Doug runs route A which is the Idaho Falls route. He is 6’1”. His last name is Nash (no known relation to Steve Nash). Now we can jump into the fun stuff.

The first question: What’s your favorite part of being a driver for Porter’s? Doug said that he loves interacting with the customers. He also said he enjoys helping customers with their needs. As most of you know, Doug is a very helpful and friendly guy who loves to joke around.

Second Question: What are 3 words you’d use to describe Porter’s: Doug said when he thinks of Porter’s the first 3 words, he thinks of are fair, great place to work, and helpful.

Third Question: Favorite flavor of ice Cream & least favorite flavor? His favorite flavor is chocolate. He likes to keep it simple. His least favorite flavor is butterscotch. But honestly though can you blame him? Why do they still make that?

Fourth Question: Which way should the toilet paper hang on the wall – over or under? This is a pretty hot topic question, but Doug was man enough to lay down the law and say that over is the correct way the toilet paper should hang. Some of you might not agree but for Doug that’s the way its been and always will be.

Fifth Question: What do you like to do on your days off? Doug was straight to the point on this one. Relax. Nothing fancy, the man just wants to chill.

Sixth Question: If you could travel anywhere in the world where would you go? Obviously, nobody can travel at this time but if he could Doug said he would go to Swiss Alps. We have a feeling he would do a lot of relaxing and eating chocolate ice cream.

Seventh Question: Who is your celebrity crush? He said no one. If we’re being honest, we don’t believe him. But we’ll let him keep some things a secret.

Final Question: Is a hotdog a sandwich? This is probably the most controversial question we asked. Philosophers have pondered this for years to no avail. Doug though knows the answer without a shadow of a doubt. He says that yes, it is a sandwich the reason being is that is has bread. Doug has answered the age-old question and stopped all the debating.

We hope you have enjoyed this “Meet Your Driver” blog. Doug is an exceptional employee and a great person to be around. We are grateful for his service and all that he does for our company.

Office Spring Cleaning Tips

The snow is slowly melting away and that fourth layer of clothing is no longer necessary. Its time to shake off winter the ice and usher in some spring-time cheer. One of the best ways to kick off spring is by cleaning and getting your office in order. The relief of removing the winter-time clutter can help relieve stress and anxiety. We will give you a few of our office spring cleaning tips below.

Divide and Conquer

The first office spring cleaning tip is to divide up the office. It can seem like a lot to tackle if just one person is going to try and take on the whole office. Divide the office into section and divide your employees into teams. With the office in sections and everyone on a team it will make it much more manageable. Remember the best way to eat an elephant is one bite at a time.

Take your Time.

Rome wasn’t built in a day. Same goes for your office. It will take some time to get everything in order, and that’s okay. Don’t get discouraged if after the first day of cleaning it looks even more cluttered than before. That is part of the process and it will get better. Take your time and be thorough. It will be worth the wait when you are all done. Trust us.

Desktop Declutter

A messy desk is just asking to make you stressed out. The more organized your desk the more at peace you will feel. Marie Kondo has some suggestions to help organize your desk. The first thing she suggestions is to remove all paper and files from your desk. She says if you aren’t actively using a piece of paper it shouldn’t be on your desk. Put it away. This should be easier in today’s digital age than in the past. The other suggestion she has is to remove personal decorations from your desk. Just one framed picture of a loved one. Maybe one item to personalize your desk and cheer it up. But that should be it. your desk should not be a knick knack shelf.

clean desk

Digital Declutter

Sometimes a cluttered digital desktop can be worse than a cluttered physical desktop. Use files. Instead of having all your documents scattered on your desktop put them in a file and keep it organized. This will make it easier down the road to find the files you are looking for. If it is outdated, delete it. Don’t be a digital hoarder.

Keep it Clean

Now that your office is clean and ready for spring lets keep it that way. This might be the hardest step of all. Make a chore chart for the office just like when you were a kid. Assign people a task and hold them accountable to it. Rotate the tasks ever so often so that it doesn’t become monotonous. Stick to a cleaning schedule and hopefully come next spring you won’t be back at square one.

We hope these office spring cleaning tips help you to keep your office neat and tidy. If you are in need of any cleaning supplies, add it to your next order and get started cleaning right away! Don’t procrastinate.

Important Update Regarding Covid-19 & Porter’s

To our valued customers, 

As we are all following the impact of COVID-19 closely across the country and now here in our own communities, we want to express to you the health and safety of our customers and employees has always been our top priority in all we do. 

We take comfort in the fact many of you have implemented safety precautions in your business to help limit the contagion and spread of COVID-19.  I personally want to give you an update on what steps we have taken to mitigate the risks to you and our employees. 

  • We have increased the cleaning and disinfecting protocols in our Rexburg retail location and Pocatello furniture showroom by sanitizing high traffic areas every hour or more, customer check-out stations, credit card machines, door handles, and other high contact surfaces.  We have a hand sanitizer station in each location for our employees and customers to use. 
  • We have looked to the CDC guidelines, and all our drivers and warehouse staff have been provided with personal hand sanitizers and use them regularly as they are making deliveries.  Our delivery trucks are disinfected each night as well as during the day to ensure we are keeping them as clean as possible. 
  • We use a proof of delivery system that normally requires a customer to hold and sign it.  Last week we implemented a no-contact policy on these devices and will simply input the full name of the person receiving the product, so you will not need to handle the device. 
  • One of our hallmarks has been providing taffy in all our orders.  We are discontinuing this practice until further notice and feel it is safe to resume. 
  • Our drivers will continue to place the product where you would like per your preference; however, you may ask them at any time to change it. 
  • Any staff member that is experiencing flu-like symptoms has been asked to work remotely or stay at home until it has passed. 
  • For your employee’s working from home, we offer free delivery of product orders directly to their home. 

As you are aware, there has been major disruption in the supply chain for cleaning products such as disinfectant spray, hand cleaner, soap, and yes, toilet paper.  We are working diligently with our suppliers to source these products as quickly as possible.  We have been successful in doing so but are having a tough time keeping them in stock as quantities are limited.  Please be patient with us as we work through this, as many of these items are on allocation. 

Rest assured, we are ready and capable to continue our free delivery service to you and your business.  As you are limiting your contact with others in public places, it may be a good time to review all the products and services we offer and can deliver to you reducing exposure to large groups of people in public places.  Some of these categories include Break Room supplies, including coffee, and Facility maintenance and safety products. 

Thank you for the trust you have instilled in us, and just like you, we are figuring this out as we go along.  We are confident the steps we are taking will help reduce the risk to you and to our employees.  We are committed to keeping everyone we come in contact with safe and healthy. 


Mark Porter 

5 Tips For a Great Office Break Room

Do you have questions on how a great office break room should be? Well, to start off with a great office break room should be an alluring retreat for workers to quickly relax, refresh and associate with their colleagues.

Therefore it is very necessary for employers to make the break room’s atmosphere a comfortable and calm one as well as the provision of a place for significant interactions and enhancing team spirit. This content is directed towards recommendation on important factors to consider making your break room more hospitable and functional.

The Office Break Room

Apart from the work desk where workers spend most of their time at, another place they frequent is the office break room. The office break room is important for lots of reasons including a place to grab a snack, a place to hold casual meetings, or a place to escape briefly from work.

As an employer, you need to know that break rooms are very important to your employees to encourage both their mental and physical breaks from the daily demands of work. Research carried out on workers revealed that regular breaks during work will lead to high productivity and elevated work happiness.

These are five tips you should have in mind if you desire to build a great office break room.

1. Designate a specific place with comfortable seating’s.

A particular place should be designated for your break room. The place should be creatively adorned, include pieces of furniture such as lounge chairs and coffee tables. Comfortable seating’s such as couches, individual seats, and matching chairs and tables should be in place in order to create a warm atmosphere.

2. Have a kitchen installed and have it well stocked on regular basis.

A kitchen in a break room makes it very convenient and gives warm comfort to the office environment. Refrigerators and microwave should be available for workers who desire to reheat or refrigerate food brought from home.

For example Coffee pots, vending machine etc. gives the workers a sense of value. Remember to keep the kitchen well-stocked, this will not only please the employees but also create good impressions on clients and visitors. Go the extra mile by supplying regular snacks and beverages sustain employee’s energy throughout the day.

break room snacks

3. Create a high-spirited mood in the break room

An ideal break room should be a sort of temporary escape from busy activity and stress from work so that the workers will leave there feeling rejuvenated and refreshed. Have the rooms painted In bright colors? You could also have bulletin boards placed where an announcement can be posted.

Recreational games are also excellent ideas for creating a high-spirited mood in the break room. Such games include darts, Ping-Pong table etc.. Recreational games give employees opportunity to connect closely with one another and also enjoy their work. They eliminate mental and physical stresses, therefore creating a healthy work-life balance for one’s employees.

4. Let an employee manage the break room.

Also, An employee should be placed in charge of the break room. He/She’s duty shall include keeping the break room clean and organized. He/ she shall be the contact person in charge of complaints resolving and maintenance of a good atmosphere.

5. Provide Bestsellers Books and trendy magazines

Great books should be provided, most especially books that will really ease tensions from the mind of the readers. Have employees make out their choice of the book each, they may also suggest their interests.

Above all, do not forget, the more you engage your employees the more productive they will be. The best choice of engagement currently is a welcoming break room that caters to employees mental and physical need.

10 Best Promotional Items for 2020

One of the biggest questions for a business is, how can I grow my company and not break the bank doing so. Promotional Items are a great way to grow your brand awareness while not spending a fortune. When it comes to cost per impressions (CPI) Promotional items are one of the cheapest forms of marketing. If you spend $1 on a pen and that pen gets at least 1,000 impressions, it will cost 1/10th of a cent per impression. That is a steal! Now we will dive into the 10 Best Promotional Items for 2020.

10. Calendars

                People love a free calendar. Unless you are giving them the current years calendar at the end of the year. This is an item you want to get early and move quickly. The benefits of people having a calendar with your logo on it is they will most likely see it every day for a whole year. The downside to a calendar though is the short life. Most people only keep them around for about 8 months. If you can pass them out before the new year though you could lengthen its life. In Idaho calendars are one of the most preferred products to receive.

9. Desk Accessories

                These are those little items on your desk that you might not think about every day, but you see daily. People tend to keep these accessories around for over a year, and in that time the generate nearly 1,500 impressions. Popular products to consider are staplers, picture frames, pencil cups, and little knick knacks. These are ideal for Business to Business marketing, this way they will already have you in mind when a need arises that your company can fulfill.

8. Mobile Power Bank

Promotional Power Bank

                In the U.S. only 33% of people own a mobile power bank. There is a lot of room for growth. This is an item that not many people have. The average lifespan of a mobile power bank is 1 year. Over that time they produce almost 1,000 impressions. If people are actively using a mobile power bank with your logo on it that is something that will be noticed by others.

7. Phone Accessories

                This one should be obvious. Just image if someone has a phone case or pop socket with your logo on it. The average person checks their phone every 12 minutes. Also, the average total number of times they check their phone in a day is 80. Almost every time they check their phone or show their phone to someone there is your logo. Your company will literally be in their pocket or hand most of the day.

6. USBs

                Is it fitting that a memory stick will help a potential customer to remember your company? Hopefully it will be a remember stick. USBs are a good item to give away because once someone saves something to it, they will never want to lose it. They might even refer to it by your company name when searching for it. “Have you seen the {Your company} USB anywhere?” the biggest downside is that it only averages 700 impressions. The customer that owns it will remember you, but it won’t have as much reach as other products would.

5. Bags

                Bags are one of the products that will get you a high number of impressions. On average a bag will generate 3,300 impressions. People also tend to keep bags for almost a year. Bags are one of the most regifted items. 61% of people regift a bag that was given to them. This regifting chain is great for your company! New eyes will see your logo and generate even more impressions. A popular trend now is eco-friendly Washable Kraft Paper Bags.

4. Drinkware

Promotional Drink Set

                After Pens, Drinkware is the second most popular promotional item that people already own. Personalized cups or mugs are a classic. Who doesn’t love to receive a free cup? People tend to hold on to that cup for a year. It will generate almost 1,500 impressions. The perfect item is something that will use daily. A travel mug they take with them to work everyday will do the trick. There are several different types of drinkware to choose from. It all depends on who your target audience is.

3. Outerwear

                Outerwear generates more impressions than any other type of promotional item. It will generate more than 6,000 impressions. It is also the item that people tend to keep the longest. The average outerwear piece will stay with someone for 16 months. This is the item that keeps giving for a long time. It does come with a price. These items tend to cost a little more. The Return on Investment seems to be worth it though.

2. Shirts

                Shirts generate the second the greatest number of impressions coming in at 3,400 average impressions. People also keep them around for 14 months. This is a good item because they can be cheap to produce and they generate a lot of impressions. Recall is also highest with apparel items. 85% of customers remember the company that gave them a clothing item.

1. Pens

                Pens are the most popular promotional item to give away. They generate 3,000 impressions per pen, and cost hardly anything. The customer won’t use it every day, but they will keep it around for a while. Everyone loves free pens and they usually have a stash of them somewhere.

One last thing

One more thing to consider if you are still torn between digital advertising and promotional items. Customers are 2.5 times more likely to have a positive opinion of promotional items compared to online advertising. Also, customer under 55 prefer promotional items over all other forms of advertising. We are all bombarded by constant advertising on our phone, tv, radio and other devices. The thing about those though, are that they only last a few seconds and then its on to the next. They are easily forgetful. However, it isn’t everyday someone gets a free shirt or other promotional item. That is something that will stick with a customer for a long time.

The stats for this article come from ASI 2019 Ad Impression Study.

Click HERE to read our Reviews

5 Reasons You Should Be Using a Calendar

Is there anything worse than the feeling that you are forgetting something? You know there is something you should have done or be doing, but you just can’t remember. I was tired of having this feeling, so I decided it was time to get my life in order and keep an organized calendar.

Here are 5 Reasons you should be using a calendar:


1. Find Time

A big problem that people seem to have is that there just isn’t enough time in the day. I was 100% guilty of saying this, but once I started to write down the task’s I needed to complete in a day I realized that I actually do have more time than I thought. I essentially made a to do list on everyday and worked on that list until it was completed. By staying focused and on task I was able to Find time that had always been there.

2. Relieve Stress

A huge benefit of using a calendar is that it can be a great way to relieve stress. Since you know what needs to be done, you can attack those tasks. This way you can breathe easy knowing that you have your day planned. With a balanced life and organized day’s you will feel the stress be lifted off your shoulders. I know I did. Yes, surprises will still pop up, but you will be prepared and ready to handle those little bumps.

3. Know Due Dates

As with anything you do, there will be a due date. I used to live by the old saying “If tomorrow isn’t the due date, then today isn’t the do date”. This was obviously not the best philosophy to live by. This is a prime example of why you should be using a calendar. If you know the due dates for projects, then hopefully you will be motivated to get the task done in advance. This way if you finish it early you can live more stress free.

4. Stay on the same page

If you are keeping an up to date calendar than you will be aware of what is going on in your life. This will make it easy to stay on the same page with people in your life. For example, let’s say you have a company car that multiple at the company use from time to time. It would be so simple to put up a calendar and people reserve the days they need it. This way everyone in the office is on the same page, and there won’t be any confusion or arguments about who is going to use the car on that day.

5. Personalization

Calendars are a fun way to show your creativity and make it yours. I like to put little images on the days that are holidays. I put a turkey for Thanksgiving and a Christmas tree for Christmas, obviously.  You could do something special for birthdays or days that are important to you. Another idea for personalization that I like is to use a monthly planner and I make a custom cover based on the month. I would cut out pictures from old magazines or find pictures online and glue them to my cover and then put a clear plastic over it so that it wouldn’t get ruined. Find what works for you but make it your own.

Hopefully these 5 reasons you should be using a calendar will help motivate you to stay organized and help keep your life balanced. Believe me it takes some time to get used to, but if you give it a chance and stick with it you will start to see changes in your organization and productivity.

11 Office Christmas Party Ideas

11 Office Christmas Party Ideas

Christmas time is here and that means its time to decorate the tree, hang the lights and put on your stretchy pants for the Christmas day feast. It also means that its time for the office Christmas party. I know you’re probably thinking you would rather eat fruit cake and talk to your crazy uncle than go to another office Christmas party. Here are a 11 Office Christmas Party ideas that will hopefully make this Christmas party a little bit more bearable.


Nothing brings more joy than doing service for others. Take this special time of year and get out and serve as a company. It will bring a joy to those that you serve, and it will bring even more joy to you and your team. An easy way to serve is to go volunteer at a retirement home for a few hours and play games with them, or just talk and hear what they have to say.


Another fun activity could be to go caroling. You could combine caroling with service and sing at a retirement home. If it isn’t freezing cold outside you could go caroling around a common neighborhood and bring some holiday cheer to some lucky people you choose to carol for.

Ugly Sweater Contest

Ugly Sweater

If your looking for a fun theme to shake things up this year, then this might be the one for you. You could have an ugly sweater themed party. Make it a contest so that whoever wears the ugliest sweater will win a prize. This is an easy way to bring some laughs to the party, and they make great conversation starters too.

Gingerbread House Decorating Contest

A fun and potentially messy option is to have a gingerbread house decorating contest. Break off into teams if you have a large group. Give everyone thirty minutes to decorate. Once the time is up, vote on the best (or worst) and give the winners a prize. For added fun after the voting is in, you could destroy the gingerbread houses that didn’t win.

Minute to Win it Games

If you have a team that is competitive, then you might want to consider playing some minute to win it games. These games are a great way to get people out of their shells and to really get people involved in the party. It’ll also give your team a chance to be silly and have fun with a little bit of competitiveness added in. You could give out prizes to the winners of the games as well.

Secret Santa

Secret Santa

A classic Christmas party idea is Secret Santa. This is an easy way to add flavor to a Christmas party. Usually you want to set a price limit on gifts, so it is fair. Try not to make things awkward and give a weird gift. Also, if you’ve done this for the last 5 years in a row it is probably time to switch things up a bit. Start searching HERE for gifts around the office.

White Elephant

If you’ve done Secret Santa, you’ve probably done white elephant (or whatever name you call it). This is a fun game to keep people entertained for a while. If you haven’t played this is how it goes. Everyone buys a gift, and typically you would want to set a price limit for the gifts. Then you draw random numbers. The person who drew number picks a gift first. The second person has the option to pick a gift from the pot or they can steal the other persons gift. If they steal, then number one will get to a choose a new gift from the pot. This continues until all the gifts are picked. It can get a bit intense at times when there is a popular item that multiple people want. For an added twist, if someone wants to steal, they must perform a task first. For example, they must sing “I’m a little teapot” and act it out.

Christmas Crafts

Christmas Crafts

Take this Christmas party back to elementary school. Don’t literally take it to a school, that’s weird. What you can do is make those popsicle stick crafts you made in 3rd grade again. This would be a good party to include kids at. It will be a fun night of making family crafts and creating memories. You could even hang them up on an office Christmas tree until a few days before Christmas then take them home. Click HERE for craft supplies.

Christmas Movie

Everyone has a favorite Christmas movie. Instead of a big party, just have a movie night. Provide popcorn and hot chocolate. Have everyone bring their blankets and watch a classic Christmas movie together. Its simple, fun and no drama.

Time to Shop

Give your employees what they want most for Christmas. That’s right, time off work! Give them the afternoon off to do that last-minute Christmas shopping without any kids around. Close up shop a few hours early one day or have a rotation where someone works, and someone is off, and they switch. Just do whatever works best for your company’s situation.

No Party

Last, but definitely not least. This one is pretty simple. No party at all. That’s right don’t have a party. Let your employees go home and be with their families for the holidays. They won’t have to worry about a company Christmas party for once.

We hope you find at least one of these 11 Office Christmas Party Ideas useful and you and your company can have the best Christmas party ever! Merry Christmas!


A Seat and Stand workstation has many benefits. Learn more about them and avoid the risks of traditional workstations.

The reasons for Seat and Stand workstations

man standing at desk

It is an undisputed fact that we spend most of our time siting while at work. But research and studies have shown that sitting for a long time can damage your health. Though exercise can combat this defect the unhealthy consequence will not occur if one is not sitting.

Long hours of sitting are linked to lifestyle diseases like obesity, diabetes, heart disease, some types of cancer, and a shorter life.

This has promoted the standing desk furniture which allows one to stand while working. Standing desks come with health benefits which include reduced back pain, improved mental health, lower blood sugar, lower cholesterol, and greater life expectancy.

According to a study published in the Journal of Physical Activity and Health. The study found that standing burned 88 calories an hour and walking burned 210 calories an hour, which is more than the calories burned while sitting.

People who use standing desks have confirmed that it helped stretch and exercise the back but standing for long periods of time may cause back leg or foot pain.

Since sitting for too long has unhealthy and standing for too long also does, what should be the right posture? The right answer is both, a work in which you will be able to alternate between sitting and standing makes the body healthy as it combats against the defects of sitting too long and standing for too long.

A sit/stand desk is ideal because it allows worker alternate between sitting and standing by being able to lower or raise the desk platform. There are not so many seat stand workstation as most of our offices and workstations include furniture’s that would make us sit or stand throughout the working hours. Let’s look in this more deeply, why would a seat stand work station benefit you?

Too much sitting is not good for you.

According to the World Health Organization, you’re at a greater risk of developing high blood pressure, kidney disease, and heart disease if you consistently sit for a long time throughout the day.

Research has also shown that more than 20% of breast and colon cancer and 25% of diabetes is caused by sitting too much. We have established the fact that sitting for hours on end is simply not good for your body.

BBC has also made it known that inactivity of the body causes 3.5 million deaths each year.  It was also discovered that sitting for eight to eleven hours in a day increases your risk of dying prematurely by 15% to 40%.

Why, because apart from your hands, the rest of your body is not doing anything. When you sit, after a while, more than 70% pressure is applied on your lower back; this could hurt your back, neck, shoulder, and head and cause pain in those regions. It could also lead to reduced spine flexibility and disk damage.

Another study shows how obesity in Americans doubled over the course of 20 years as sitting increased by 8% while exercise rates stayed the same. Too much sitting can also lead to mental fatigue, therefore, make you work less and slows down your thinking.

But standing more is proven to improve your health, reduce the risk of premature death and disease, and increase physical activity, reduce weight, burns fat, more productive, improved concentration, and increase effectiveness.

Prolong standing is bad for you

Standing for a prolonged period can lead to joint and back pain, swelling, and fatigue. It can also compress the spine and lead to lower back problems.

It may cause cardiovascular problems as your heart works against gravity to keep blood flowing from your toes. Standing still and not moving is still ‘not moving’.

Seat and Stand workstation conclusion

man using standing workstation

Siting for a while, standing for a while, keeping the whole body active, and effectively carrying out your work will improve not just your health, but your productivity. You can only get this in a seat/stand workstation, a working environment where you won’t be siting all day and standing all day.

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