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Breast Cancer Awareness Month

October is here and that means fall is here and the holiday season is starting up. But before we hurry to find that perfect costume for our little one or overcook the thanksgiving turkey and do the last-minute Christmas shopping, we would like to take a moment to remember those that have been affected by breast cancer.

Breast Cancer Awareness Month has become a part of our culture. It is not uncommon to see people wearing more pink. The pink ribbon has become synonymous with breast cancer awareness. Support can also be seen on Sundays in the NFL when football teams wear pink in support of breast cancer awareness. Its great that there is so much support to help those that have been affected by this.

If you are looking for a way to show support around the office, we might just have the answer. We have a selection of breast cancer awareness items on our website the could add a pop of pink to your desk and be a great way to start a conversation with a co-worker. You can click HERE to find breast cancer awareness items to show support at the office.

While there have been some wonderful breakthroughs in research, there is still a long way to go and every bit of support counts toward Breast Cancer Awareness. For more ways to go Pink this October take a look at these ideas from the Susan G. Komen foundation. Also if you want to make a donation you can click HERE and donate to support the fight to end breast cancer.


Getting supplies ready for a new hire is a terrific idea as it makes the job easier and faster. This is because the new hire is always anxious to start work. It is very pertinent you provide the basics; you may then address special issues in relation to the situation when he/she progresses.

This article will not bore you with stories and I promise at the end of the article you will have an insight into the essential office supplies needed by new hires.

The following are essential office supplies you need to get in place for new hires:

Writing Instruments

The most relevant office supplies needed by new hires are the writing instruments. Writing instrument like a pen, the pencil is very relevant. While it’s okay with some employees to use a normal standard ballpoint pen, some profession does differ in use. For instance, an executive may require a desktop pen and pencil while an engineer may need mechanical pencils.


Staplers are always useful to most employees. The regular office stapler is convenient if the employee’s job does not entail stapling large stacks of documents, but if it does a heavy-duty stapler will be necessary. Ensure that extra supplies of staples are always available.

Tape Dispenser

It is important you get tape dispensers for new hires especially those with a weighted base to help maintain balance while in use. Tape dispenser makes reloading of a new roll of tape much easier.


Notepads are very useful for putting down information. Although computers are more preferable by some employees in jotting information, some still prefer notepads to jot information down.

 Notepads are very crucial to Secretarial and receptionist jobs because they are very handy. It is important to ask the choice of new hires on which notepad size they desire.


Calendars are used in tracking events, meetings, appointments, callbacks and other tasks. There is the computerized calendar available, but some employee still prefers to use the paper calendar.

Calendars exist in various styles such as monthly wall calendars, small daily calendars and large calendars that can dominate a desktop.

Desk Chair

Having a quality chair to sit in can make a world of difference to a new employee. They will be most likely be sitting for several hour a day and it is important that they are comfortable which will improve their productivity.


Are you faced with always searching for some things in your office and spend so much more time doing it than working just because it isn’t arranged properly?

Do you spend time looking for your cables, pens, papers, sheets, documents, journals, and so on? If yes, there is no need to worry because this article is bringing good news for you. All that is required is just a practice of consistency, planning, and commitment.

This article will explain five ways how you can cut the clutter in your office such that it makes it easier for you to sight your things and make work less stressful for you. They are listed below:

Get rid of unnecessary things

The first thing you need to do in your office is to take away and clear off everything taking your space in the office. There are certain things that aren’t really needed whereas they take a whole lot of space. Duplicate files, documents, journals, in your stack is papers should be gotten rid of. Check your drawers for anything that is not relevant in your office and clear them out, especially ones you’ve not used in six months.

Rearrange your office

After the removal of unnecessary stuff in your office, now you get to arrange neatly the leftover items. Then evaluate your furniture on how you work, get suitable furniture for the type of job you do so it could be easier for you and become less stressful. Arrange all you use frequently where you can easily get them.

Develop a filing system

In the real sense, there’s no right or wrong when it comes to developing a filing system, as long as it matches the way you work and can be easily maintained. Depending on your personal preference, you can file alphabetically, by project, by the client, or some other method that works for you. We suggest that you use the same method for electronic document filing as you do for paper. Regularly sort file and purge electronic and hard copy documents to keep clutter from piling up.

A master list (index) of file names can help avoid creating duplicates when you’re adding new files and to help maintain the organization for new files, clients, and projects. And it’s a great tool for others to use in your absence.

Sorting and filing saves you the question of ‘where’s that file?’ phone calls to interrupt your vacation. Keep the most recent documents at the front of the file for ready access, and make sure to check your company’s records-retention policy to ensure you’re not throwing out vital records. Archive older records in bank boxes, or invest in a digital scanner to store documents electronically.

Learn to manage your time well

Whether you’re still using a notebook and pen, PC software or an app on your smartphone, keeping a running to-do list can make sure that you’re on schedule and that appointments and deadlines don’t fall through the cracks. If you struggle with keeping your ducks in a row try using a planner to stay organized and on top of every task. Clear at least an hour each workday to focus on projects and action items.

Organize your desktop

Keep only supplies and gadgets you need on a daily basis on your desktop, and keep them within easy reach. In today’s digital world, you probably don’t need to keep an overflowing cup of pens and pencils or bottles of white-out. Your computer, phone, a few pens, a notepad, and a stapler should be within arm’s reach. The items you use most should be within reach your friends. The items you use less often (monthly or periodically) should be near. Here are some options of desk organizers.

We hope this helps you to stay organized at work and be less stressed. search for more office essentials. Thanks!

Must Have Supplies for Your Home Office

The way you design and set up your office determines how much productivity you would have, that is why you need some certain accessories in your home office. Here are some of the supplies you need for your home office:

Keyboard and laptop stand

Today, many home business owners use a laptop or a tablet device over a computer in their home business. They are portable, yet powerful. But to increase productivity, you may think of adding a matching laptop and keyboard stand to your desk set up. Choose a laptop and keyboard stands that have ergonomic designs. This way, you do not have to worry about getting carpal tunnel syndrome or developing a bad sitting posture.

Smartphone and cord stand

The key to having a desk setup that will help improve your work productivity is by choosing desk accessories that enhance productivity without cluttering the workspace. One such accessory is a smartphone and cord holder or stands, which not only keeps your phone within easy reach but also, can double as a wire organizer and charger.

Pen and paper holder

Even if most of your writing is done digitally, it is still important to keep analog equivalents from time to time. As a result, having a pen and paper holder on your desk makes it easy to jot notes, to-do lists, shopping lists, or just simple reminders. Find desk organizers Here.


Most computers and laptops have their own built-in speaker systems; however, this may not be enough, especially if you need to listen to audio files, do online training, or simply enjoy listening to music while you work. Speakers can offer improved sound quality and are available in various shapes, sizes, and functionalities.

Desk lamp

Desk lamps are a crucial accessory even if you have good lighting in your home office. Not only can it help prevent eye strain, but also, it can offer design flair. There are inexpensive but well-designed options Here. Aside from choosing a desk lamp with a creative design, also make sure to use a good light bulb.


No one can deny the importance of a sturdy mug or tumbler to hold coffee or tea for a caffeine boost. Choose a mug or tumbler that is sturdy, spill-proof, drop-proof, and dishwasher-safe.

Game cubes

Working for yourself can be stressful, which can impact productivity. For that reason, you should set up your office workspace so that it’s functional, as well as inspiring. For those times when you begin to feel overwhelmed or stressed, reach for a stress ball or a game cube, such as a Rubik’s cube. These items can release stress, and calm and refocus a busy mind.

Photo frame

Sometimes, office desks can get drab and boring, especially if you only have your laptop or computer monitor to stare at the whole day. Add color and inspiration with a picture frame of your friends or loved ones. You can choose a traditional wooden or metal photo frame. Alternatively, you may use a digital photo frame that allows you to create a slideshow of your favorite pictures. Also, you can choose a multipurpose photo frame that can be used as a pen holder and also has device charging slots.


Another often-neglected yet important desk accessory is a desk clock. The clock on your smartphone or laptop may not be enough to keep you aware of the time.

Create an ideal home office for yourself by having these home office essen

A Different Approach to Staying Healthy at Work

Being stressed out after a whole day of work might seem challenging as stress has proven to have so many detrimental effects in our life and thinking. The issue with staying healthy with the right state of mind after being exposed to high-demand and stress in the office on daily basis can be combated with the right information and practice.

As easy as it might be to make a decision to do this, take note most of your time is spent at work so pilling the stress till weekends might not be the best option. Your health should be your priority so you need to be attentive to the way you live, be watchful of your mental and emotional health while dealing with stuffs and people in the office.

Here are some ways to stay healthy in the office.

Take breaks, get up, stretch and move
Too much sitting is unhealthy; it can cause pain in your back, shoulders, hips and neck. A standing desk is a great way to take a break and still be productive. A few of our Standing Desks are linked here. Sitting too much can also prevents the flow of creativity when brainstorming for a new initiative or trying to solve a problem. Even though it’s going to be a hectic day, try to take out a few minutes away from your desk to refresh your mind and brain of work to improve your output.

Taking breaks and stretches also prevent you from eye strain caused by staring at the monitor, it also helps reduce neck tension and lower back from sitting all day. Another great way to prevent neck strain from your staring at your monitor all day is with monitor stands and risers. Porter’s Office Products has a great selection to choose from here. Take stretch breaks every now and then. Take the stairs if you can, instead of the elevator because it’s a good fitness option.

During your break, get some fresh air; this will help make you feel better, increase your productivity and revitalize your body with energy. This has been proven by research from the Journal of Environmental Psychology that walking, standing and stretching help to burn calories.

Spend your break wisely; you could read a book, call a friend, listen to some music. Don’t do anything that would strain your eyes.

The bottom line; don’t sit all day at work.

Prevent dehydration
Water intake can also have huge effects on your physical health if you want to stay hydrated. According to research from the Journal of Nutrition, dehydration can cause moodiness, fatigue, and problems focusing. Porter’s Office Products carries a range of choices to make getting your water intake easier. View our choices here.

If your eyes are getting tired you could blink them more frequently to prevent eye strain. The advantage of drinking lots of water is numerous. It may help you fight sleepiness in the office. If you want to go with water, you can add some flavor like lime, lemon or cucumber to your water.

When your muscles are always sitting, you begin a slow cycle of becoming unfit. Drinking water at work, at least 8-10 glasses a day will help energize your muscles and keep you active.

Decorate Your Desk
Personalize your work place either with a flower or a plant or pictures to bring life to your work space. You can also put some inspirational quotes or photos in your workspace. Porter’s Office Products carries a good selection of frames. You can also find a good selection of desk accessories and staples that fit your individual style and personality.

Don’t just take breakfast, take a healthy breakfast and lunch
A healthy breakfast can provide you with the energy you need to get through the first half of the day, junk food will not. Avoid sugary snacks because they are digested quickly. It is advisable you bring snacks while coming from home, such as baby carrots, cheese sticks, nuts, hummus, cucumber slices, whole or sliced fresh fruit, small amounts of dried fruit, or savory crackers.

If you must eat at a restaurant, avoid meals that have high-calorie. Sodas and sugary drinks are full of empty calories in the form of sugar, avoid them. A piece of fruit or veggies or dried fruit or nuts on your desk is better than going to the vending machines.

Avoid snacks and drinks that have lots of sugar, instead go with complex carbohydrates like oat meal or whole grain foods, as research from the International Journal of Food Sciences and Nutrition found that eating carbohydrate-rich foods help improve your alertness and keep you full. Porter’s Office Products carries a good selection of healthy snacks you can find here.

Beyond your goals and that of your working place, staying and maintaining good health should be your priority.

Porter’s Office Products Named One of the Top 10 Office Supply Websites

About Porter’s Office Products

Porter’s Office Products is a fasting growing and trend conscious office products dealer with a long-standing reputation of bridging the gap between high quality office essentials/furniture and customers who needs such services to effectively and efficiently run their businesses.

With many years of dedicated services and experience in the business of office products and essentials since 1915, it won’t be surprising that Porter’s Office Product made the list as one of the top 10 office supply websites in the recent study conducted by credit network Apruve Inc.

Headquartered in Rexburg, with an office also in Pocatello together with their 24/7 online platform where they meet the needs of customers through a user friendly website interface.

How Porter’s Office Product Website Made The Top 10 List

Being a B2B ecommerce business platform that constantly study and understands the dynamics and trends of the market, Porter’s office product operates a smart B2B ecommerce website that seamlessly meets the need of our customers and buyers. Aware of the fact that the old-fashioned mode of business (talking about faxes and printed catalogues) is fast winding up since many customers are on the lookout for a smarter, easier and a more convenient means of making purchases, we at Porter’s Office Product wouldn’t want to be told of the importance of taking our business to the new and trendy height of the new millennium – B2B ecommerce business.

Ranking Criteria which the Porter’s Office Product Met

The study conducted by credit network Apruve Inc. is an all-round and a thorough quantitative research which employs measurable data to pin-point the level of adoption of the B2B ecommerce for their businesses. Also, certain criteria in which Apruve expect B2B ecommerce business websites to meet for the purpose of creating a friendly customer relationship and also impacting their businesses positively include:

  • User Experience & Usability

As a B2B ecommerce platform, it is expected that every business’ website must as matter of importance make their website interface easy for buyers and customers to use and navigate around. With this, buyers will be able to access their needed products with ease. Some tools which we use in enhancing user experience and usability include: product images on the search page, bundle options for discount sales, ratings and reviews from customers for services rendered on the product page, saving a shopping cart/wish-list which will enable buyers to keep track of their purchases.

  • Marketing & Shipping

Product advertisement and delivery is also a core aspect of B2B ecommerce as this will enhance the ease of potential customers seeing the product and services which you render. This can be achieved through search engine optimization of your website, mobile app/platform that can easily be used to make purchases, smooth shipping ad prompt delivery of shipped product to buyers etc.

  • B2B Product Needs

Also, product needs for buyers has to be met adequately and easily through dealer channels with search functionality that helps buyers to search for their needs with possible results matching their search items. Ease of payment through credit cards, making volume discounts known to buyers as this can turn an easy bait to attract potential buyers. Finally, the availability of online POs and invoices which may serve as an evidence for purchased products.

So, the Result – Apruval Ranking

1 Amazon 75 68.3 135 278.3
2  ↑² Shoplet 80 42 120 242
3  ↓¹ On Time Supplies 80 41.6 110 231.6
4  ↓¹ Office Max / Depot 70 50.9 110 230.9
5  ← Best Buy Business 45 51.1 120 216.1
6  ↑² Staples 60 52.0 100 212.0
7  ↑₄ Quill 60 36.4 110 206.4
8  ↑₂₄ City Office Supply 50 32.0 120 202.0
9  ↑₂₆ Office Supply 60 31.3 110 201.3
10 Porter’s Office Products 70 30.9 100 200.9

From a critical evaluation of each B2B ecommerce business website, Apruva Inc. came up with the following ranking based on each business website’s ability to adopt most of the B2B ecommerce for their businesses.

And so, we at Porter’s Office Product are proud to announce to you our esteemed customers that we made it to the top ten ranking position. This wouldn’t have been possible without your patronage and so, we pledge to continue serving you right and will continuously strive harder to make sure that your overall user experience on our websites gets better and easier than ever as we look forward to having more business deals with you.

How Do I Arrange My Office for Higher Productivity

“Attempt the impossible in order to improve your work” – Bette Davis. How your office is arranged shouldn’t be an afterthought. Did you know that the layout of your workspace is a major factor in influencing productivity? Good! Now you know. Have a nice physical set-out and things flow; have a poor set-out and you misstep.

The most important administrative-office functions include planning, organizing, staffing, communicating, directing, coordinating and controlling. The office manager must organize the office on modern lines for the efficient and effective performance.

Maintaining an organized office where you can find items quickly and easily saves time and makes you more efficient and productive. Here’re few strategies, tips and tools anyone can use to keep whether a home office, commercial office or cubicle organized and effective.

Invest in Comfort

Often times, this is overlooked. Many people don’t consider comfort when choosing their office chairs, meeting table or desk. Instead; they go with what is utilitarian and cheap.

This poses a problem because it’s difficult to be effective as well as productive if your legs are fatigued from sitting in the wrong chair for your body type. Buying the right office furniture is to find the perfect balance of functionality and comfort.

Even though you might be familiar with the bright white fluorescent light that’s usually used in cubicle office spaces, this is neither cost-efficient nor productive for your workers. Endeavor to set out your office where you and your employees can take full advantage of natural light, thus providing access to the outside world. It’ll go a long way!

Organize with colors and Labels

Opt for a proper labeling and color system for your office. Color sets the tone for our mood in powerful ways. According to a study by the University of Texas; all colors are productive, depending on what kind of boost you need. Take the time to label shelves, folders, bins, and drawers. This labeling process helps you to put items in the right places and reduces the risk of losing important documents. This can as well be extended to digital files.

Sound – Music

Studies have shown classical music, especially of the Baroque period to be a clear winner in raising overall productivity. Sounds are powerful productivity cues that can pull us out of deep tasks and promote dreaded context switching. Whether you prefer as much silence as possible or only specific kinds of noise, you need to understand how auditory stimuli makes you better or worse at your job. However, study yourself and know the music that suits your particular mood.

Storage and proximity

Invest in durable boxes, you can store almost anything in containers to help you stay organized. Plastic containers and cardboard boxes are perfect for efficient storage. You can as well go digital for your paper files; this can save space and eliminate clutter. Closet and office space organization units may also work as useful storage options.

Close proximity is another key factor to consider for higher productivity, position the equipment and supplies that you use most within reach. Things that are rarely used can be stored or put away.

Eliminate Clutter

A clean and organized office helps your workers to get more done. This creates an optimal workspace, reduces any chance of getting distracted, and contribute to enhanced productivity.

Give your Employees the Right Technology

Equipping your employees with the right tools and the right technology can go a long way to enable them to perform their duties efficiently. Employees can easily lose motivation if they have to use faulty or outdated office tools and technology. And hence reducing productivity.

Office Supply Hacks to Organize Your Home

Office supplies are great home organizer products! Yes, you heard me right. Office products are the organization hack nobody knew about. They provide solutions to the tangled cords, messy cupboards under the sink, scattered food storage items, cluttered make-up and hair essentials, and the list goes on. Let’s go over a couple examples to visualize the benefits and simplicity office products can offer.



  1. The magical cord un-tangler: It is so simple! Take some binder clips that fit around the side of your desk or night stand. Then slide the charging ends of the cords through the silver loop and presto! Ultimate organization! Sometime the cords can be too large to fit through the loop. In this case, take a pair of pliers and open the loop wider to fit your cord then close it to make sure the cord will not fall out.
  2. Organizing food storage: The food storage closet can look so messy with cans piled on top of each other and opened bags of rice, flour, sugar-you name it-are asking for a tip-over disaster. To solve this, take a magazine file and place your cans in the file on its side. Then start stacking your other cans horizontally. To add some fun, get some labels to decorate and write the contents of the cans! For the bag problem, your solution is our favorite, versatile-use item-the binder clip! Roll up the bags like you would a bag of chips and clip one or two binder clips on the folded seem. Voila, your risk of a sugary mess is gone!
  3. The Make-up and hair heroes: To save space and avoid messes in your bathroom drawers, we suggest a couple, simple ideas. Make-up can get everywhere, so what you need is a place that is easy to manage, separate from everything else and used only for make-up. A desk organizer is the perfect place to put your make up with compartments for brushes, eye products and face products. When you want to clean the desk organizer, take out the drawers, remove contents, wash, rinse then put it back! So easy! For hair products, use a raised or upside-down metal letter tray as a cooling rack for your recently used straightener or curling iron. This can be placed in a drawer, where you can add the hot products and keep the cords out of the way, saving space on your counter top.

It is amazing how versatile office products can be. Get your creative juices flowing by visiting to see what you can get to make your home more organized and efficient!

Deck the Office Halls



Happy holidays!!!

How are you keeping the festive holiday spirit alive in the office? It can be tricky sometimes to decorate with a limited space or a limited wallet.

Here are some of the office ideas we have done here around our Porter’s Office Products work station!

Our furniture specialists pop onto the retail floor several times a day. They decided to hang some garland up with some fairy lights intermixed for some holiday glow!
Photo Dec 20, 10 16 39 AM.jpg

What brings the holiday spirit better than a fully decorated Christmas tree? We have loved having this tree in on our retail floor so that everyone always see it. We even stored our employee Secret Santa gifts for one another underneath it for the time before our party!
Photo Dec 20, 10 16 59 AM.jpg

A great and inexpensive way to decorate is hanging Christmas ornaments around the office. We hung them from the shelves on the retail floor. It glistened the place up a great deal.
Photo Dec 20, 10 17 27 AM (1).jpg

Something else we enjoyed doing this holiday season was displaying our holiday cards we received from fellow business friends on our warehouse door.
Photo Dec 20, 10 19 11 AM.jpg

Of course, we couldn’t do any of this without the Blue Cow stamp of approval! Our little buddy has certainly enjoyed the holiday season thus far!!
Photo Dec 20, 10 18 18 AM.jpg

There are also many ideas we have seen that we love to share as well!

One of our absolute favorites is this rendition of Elf on a Shelf! They created Elf bodies out of construction paper and attached their own photos on as well! They move them all around the office and have them act out hilarious winter scenarios. Great idea coming from Seema Adnani










Another great and simple one is turning your door into a present! We love this idea coming from Nap Time Decorator. It will make anyone feel the holiday spirit as they walk into your “presents”!

Front Door Wrapped Present.

There are so many fun ideas and decorations you can use in your office space. Let us know if you have another idea or something you have already tried!

Last Minute Stocking Stuffers?

This season of giving can be a whirlwind. What to give all the people you love without breaking the bank is an overwhelming question! Well, never fear. We have gotten your shopping list covered. These gifts are guaranteed to make anyone’s season that much brighter!

Things that are small with a big impact:

Cross Sheaffer Resin Barrel Pen/Pencil Set


Fidget Cube in Assorted Colors



Pacon Reusable Self-Adhesive Letters


Fun for All

Matchbox Mattel Gift Pack Collectible Set


Panasonic Lumix TS30 16 Megapixel Compact Camera – Red, Blue, or Black



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