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Let the Holiday Party Season Begin!

Untitled design (4)November is the time to start thinking about all the upcoming holidays and how your office is going to celebrate!  Coordinating an office party seems simple enough, but it always leads to a headache. Follow these steps for planning an office holiday party and enjoy the season!

  1. Send Invitations: Even if the party is only for employees, make it more official with printed and mailed invitations. This makes your employees feel important and can act as a company holiday greetings card. Make mailing super easy with the Avery 5.5 x 8.5, White Shipping Labels w/TrueBlock Technology.
  2. Schedule Events: Office parties don’t usually have a set agenda, but make sure to have some back-ups if there’s a lull in activity. Try having music or decorations that encourage conversation.
  3. Double Plan Refreshments: While planning any party, it is guaranteed that the day-of someone is going to forget or cancel on bringing their assigned refreshment. While delegating who brings what, double up and plan for too many people. That way, you won’t run out of refreshments, and maybe you’ll have leftovers in the office kitchen the following week!
  4. Don’t Forget Utensils: How many times have you needed to make a last-minute run to the convenience store for forks, cups or napkins? Plan ahead and purchase these materials a couple days before your party and store them at the party location. Our Red SOLO Plastic Party Cold Cups come in packs of 50 and will be perfect for the occasion!
  5. Create a Cleaning Committee: The party planner is always the one stuck with the clean-up! Make sure to talk to some fellow employees before the party and have them agree to stay after and pick up. Even if there isn’t a large mess, you’ll have a back-up plan and be able to enjoy the party more!

Your office holiday party will go off without a hitch when you follow these simple steps. Enjoy the season!

Product Review: Our Favorite Planners!

2013 calendars and planners are here and i’m going to break down some of my personal favorites.

One day per page planning notebook- Ideal for jam packed schedules

The power of two: Planning and Note Taking ALL-IN-ONE

-Page size: 6″ x 9″; Gray flexible, perfect bound with bungee closure

-One-page-per-day format with ruled planning space

-Past, current, and six future months reference per two-page spread

-HOT spot reminder section


Monthly Planner and Notebook- Perfect for an all-in-one organizational tool

– 18 months from January to June and include 160 undated, daily journal pages.

-Two-page-per-month spreads include unruled daily blocks, Sunday-through-Saturday

One-page-per-day format includes ruled planning space for most of the page,

– Bookbound, stitched planning notebook

– Three-year reference calendar, future planning and contact pages.

– Black, 9.5 x 11

Two days per page Planning Notebook- My Favorite!

-The Power of Two: Planning & Note Taking ALL-IN-ONE

-This notebook also features a hot-spot reminder section on every lined page.

– Works for any year.

– Two page per page total of lined planning space

– Three-year reference calendar, index sheet, future planning pages

-Black, 5.25 x 8.5

Ten ANTI-Resolutions For The New Year

New Years Resolutions are right around the corner and Larry Winget has given us the PERFET guidline to follow when planning out our goals for the next year with his ANTI-resolutions. It’s not about NOT making resolutions, but rather on making goals, and focusing on the end result. 

1. Last year is OVER – let it go. No good comes from dwelling on the past.

2. Don’t whine about the bad in your life. Whining prolongs the problem and irritates the rest of us.

3. Keep your problems to yourself. The tolerant are your enemy, not your friend.

4. Keep your dreams to yourself. Naysayers can destroy your dreams by shaking your confidence.

5. Never make resolutions- they don’t work. They are task focused, not end-result focused.

6. Start with the end in mind. Know EXACTLY what you want your life to look like and make a plan.

7. Write things down. Problems get smaller when written down, goals become more real.

8. Expect derailment. You will experience setbacks. Big deal. Get over it and move on.

9. Don’t stop – unless you need to stop. Sometimes you discover it was a bad goal, or you need to rest, or you need to start over completely – otherwise, stay focused and keep the momentum going.

10. Celebrate. Not just at the end, but all along the way.


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