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Five Things Every Office Work Space Needs

Everyone has that one item that makes their work day more productive. It may be your favorite pen, a ball of rubber bands, or maybe even a jar of candy!

There are countless items that can improve your productivity. Here are the top five that other people say that can’t work without:


5.  Snacks

Everyone has that one hour in the day that their body wants to take a nap. When your at work, that is not a possibility. You got things to do and people to help! But your eyes are still getting heavy. You need a little bit of a pick me up! Chewing gum can help keep your brain chugging along. Chocolate can give you a sweet burst of energy to carry you through. Whatever your preference, get a couple packages of them and store them in your desk drawer for when it is really needed!


4. Cleaning Wipes

For some people, your workspace is your home away from home. Areas such as your keyboard, phone, and monitors can collect a lot of dust and particles. Just like keeping your house clean, you often need to do a routine clean up of your desk.  It’s a good chance to take a breath, clear your head and your workspace.


3. Framed Photos

Again, this is your space! You should take care of it so you feel at home. Bring in a few photos of your family or your puppy to give you a smile throughout the day.

Plus, here at Porter’s we believe the bigger the better. If you want a poster sized photo of your puppy, we got you covered!


2. Stress Relief Items

Sometimes the best ideas come when you are thinking hard and keeping your hands busy with a stress ball or a fidget spinner.

Check out the ones we have here at Porter’s Office Supply!


1. Calendar/To Do List

The key to productivity is to be productive of course! There is a lot to remember and events can sneak up on you! It is important to have something to keep track of dates whether it is pocket sized or desktop size.


Don’t let your workspace be a place you don’t want to be. Add some flare, personality, and flexibility to it! These items will help you be more productive and feel better about your work day.


photo credit: Julie Bonner

How to Pack Like a Pro: 5 Essential Products for the Road Warrior

Airport Lounge


If you find yourself always on the go for work, you know that convenience is king when you need to work away from the desk.  Having everything portable, well-charged, and organized will give you the competitive advantage when it comes to time management and efficiency.  A staggering number of people hit the roads and fly the friendly skies for business purposes each year.  The Global Business Travel Association pegs the number of business trips taken annually in the U.S. at 488 million.  Below are a list of five of the most popular products for businessmen and women on the move at the best Blue Cow prices.

Sometimes when you’re on the go space is at a premium and you’ll need a computer mouse for travel that’s ultra-compact and easy to store. Verbatim has a mini travel mouse with a nano USB receiver that is ideal for notebook and netbook users.  The included USB receiver protrudes very little from your laptop so you can leave it in without any snagging when you store it in a bag.  With four different color schemes, Verbatim has the right travel mouse to fit your style.

For business trips lasting only a day or two, save the money that would’ve gone towards checking in large luggage and pack your change of work clothes in your laptop bag carry-on. Targus has a roller notebook bag that will protect any laptop with up to a 16” screen with its foam padding. The outside is water-resistant to keep your belongings dry and, when not in use, the telescoping handle retracts into a zippered compartment so it can act as a briefcase. On the inside, you’ll find the zip-down workstation includes pen loops, a spot for business cards, and even a cell phone pocket.

There’s nothing worse than a cell phone or laptop battery running out of juice before an important meeting or call comes around. Bring some charging security with you on your next business trip with the Weego Tour 5200 Battery Pack.  With a maximum charge capacity of 5,200 mAh, this model has enough power to recharge your cell phone up to two full times from a dead battery and comes with a two foot USB cord for convenient charging of your cell phone, tablets, speakers, or laptop.   The peace of mind this little gadget will provide when there’s a scarcity of wall outlets nearby is invaluable.

Wireless headphones perhaps aren’t among the first things you think about on a business trip, but these are becoming quite common for several reasons. Some business travelers will use them as plush, oversized earmuffs on an especially noisy flight while others will use them in the morning before a big meeting to get inspired.  Granted, this Compucessory pair of wireless headphones isn’t a big-name brand like Bose or Sennheiser, but only the most discerning of audiophiles would find these lacking in performance.  This model has a range of 65 feet wires-free and big, booming 40mm drivers for an immersive soundstage.

These days, more and more laptops are switching from standard hard drives with moving parts to solid state drives. This is a great advancement for speed and cooling, but unless you have money to burn they tend to have smaller storage capacities.  The solution?  Bring along an external hard drive for at least an extra terabyte of backup storage and you’ll never need to upgrade the storage on your computer.  This Verbatim model stands apart from the rest with lightning-fast USB 3.0 connectivity at a competitive price and is hardly bigger than a smartphone.


Happy Administrative Professionals Day!

Oh Hiya!

Meg here, and I know just how much work goes into running an office. Not only do you have all the employees, but clients, vendors, property managers and more. Our office administrator is our savior for all these things. Here are a couple reasons we love our office administrator and ways to make their day a little better as we celebrate national Administrative Professionals Day!

Happy Administrator Day via Porters Office Products

  • Gift Shower: A card is a great start, but this year you can take it a step further and throw a little gift shower. The gifts don’t need to be big, even the smallest personalized gifts can make an impact. Whether you have a basket waiting on their desk at the beginning of the day or have various coworkers stop by with little surprises and notes throughout the day, your office administrator will feel appreciated all day long.


  • A Day Off: While it may seem that your office work flow will crumble without them at the helm, your office administrator surely deserves a little break! Whether you can manage an afternoon or even a full day, let your office admin schedule some downtime out of the office. You can also surprise them with tickets to an event, a spa pass or a gift certificate for a sweet treat to enjoy during their time off.


  • Help Out: Take a day to walk in their shoes! While your whole office appreciates all the work that your office administrator takes on, it’s a different story when it comes to experiencing it yourselves. Create a schedule and have each member of the office sign up to take over or help out with various tasks that your office admin works through daily. Not only will you give them a break, you’ll have a new appreciation for all the hard work they do every day.


  • Update Supplies: It may seem like a small gesture but new supplies will make your office administrator’s job easier. A great place to start is by replacing storage boxes or bringing in a few new ones for those stubborn files that need a home. One of my favorites is Bankers Box®. Those boxes get worn out so quickly with every day use and a few new ones will go a long way in making your office administrator’s job a little less stressful. A new set of pens, a stylish new desk organizer, or even a cute new notepad will make a big difference as well.


Administrative Professionals Day is a great opportunity to show your appreciation for all that your office administrator does to make each day flow smoothly. With these tips, your office administrator will feel appreciated all day long. I think it’s a great idea to keep that appreciation flowing all year round by remembering to thank them for their hard work each day. If you’re looking for a few other ways to make this day extra special check out these great ideas CLICK HERE.


Until next time,



Crunching for Tax Season!

Oh Hiya!


Meg here and if you’re anything like me, you’ve waited for the very last minute to put together your tax information. Thank goodness I have all the supplies I need in order to make this process quick and painless. When it comes to filing a bit late, these steps and tips are great to keep in mind:

1-Crunching for Tax Season via Porters Office Products

  • Stay Organized: Nothing is worse than dealing with a mess when you’re filing in a rush! To keep my timeline on track and keep my files in a row, I use <a href="http://shop doses of″>Avery® Easy Align Self-Laminating ID Labels. These labels are so quick and easy to print and place that my files are nearly never out of order!


  • Speak Up: If you have a question or are unsure about something in the documentation or requirements, ask. I think it’s so important to understand the ins and outs of filing taxes and I won’t hesitate to ask if something is a bit confusing. Better to ask and know than guess and make a mistake!


  • Check it Twice: Even when you’re in a bit of a hurry it pays to be sure your numbers are on track and in the right order. I always trust my HP 12C Financial Calculator. This trusty mathematic companion has never steered me wrong.


  • Keep It or Shred It: It’s important to keep important tax forms after you file, but some of your other sensitive documents can be disposed of safely. I use the Fellowes® Powershred 455Ms Micro-Cut Shredder for my remaining files. But before you shred, always double (and triple) check that you are keeping the correct files.


  • Send it: When it comes to sending off the final forms and documents, you want to be certain that your documents are secure when they’re in the mail. My favorite envelopes are these Quality Park™ Bagasse Sugarcane Envelope. When I send off my documents I want to be sure that they’ll be safe on their course.


  • Go Digital: I know most of my tips are for filing through paper documents but I’m a bit old-fashioned when it comes to filing! It can be quite easy to e-file your taxes using a digital program. You’ll be able to upload all your important documents to your computer and there’s plenty of helpful prompts to keep you moving in the right direction and filing correctly.


  • Relax- This is my favorite step of all! After I’ve sent off every document and form, cleared my desk, and organized and filed away all the extra papers, it’s time to take a break.  Whether you’ve filed through the mail or used an e-filing program, you can congratulate yourself on a job well done!


I hope these tips help you stay organized and on track while filing your taxes. For more tips you can take a look HERE. If you’ve already finished filing, I congratulate you!


Until next time,



Say Goodbye To Your Messy Workspace.

Oh Hiya! Meg here, to talk about keeping your office organized! Nothing is worse for productivity than a messy workspace. I know better than anyone how hard it is to get started organizing when you’re looking at a mess, but with these tips I promise you’ll be motivated to get tidy in no time!


  • Toss It Out- it’s so easy to keep to-do lists, old documents and papers, and even knickknacks for far too long. Take some time to go through the papers, files, and lists on your desk to sort through what you need to keep and what can be tossed out. You’d be surprised at how much neater your space can look after a good deep clean!


  • Check that Schedule- I’ve found myself writing one too many sticky notes with dates and times for important meetings. Pretty soon, I’ve run out of free space at my desk! Take care of those sticky notes in a snap with this adorable At-A-Glance Monthly Desk Pad Calendar (AAGDMD16632). Of course, I picked out the one with the adorable puppies for my desk.


  • Desktop Redesign- Chances are, it’s been a while since you’ve reorganized your desktop. Take a minute to re-organize, and redesign if you will, your desk. Switch things around to create a space that feels new and you’ll be motivated to keep it looking great. I’ve just put a new organizer, the Bankers Box Stor/Drawer Steel Plus (FEL-00311), on my desk to store my mail and loose papers and it’s made such a difference!


  • Don’t Forget the Drawers- It’s easy to focus on the surface and forget about the drawers at your desk. This is a full cleaning of your space, so buckle down and sort through your drawers. It can help to use drawer organizers to keep wayward paperclips, staples, and sticky notes in their place.


  • Keep a List- Keep a single list of all the things you have to do each day. Whether it’s a notepad or a single sheet of paper, you’ll stay organized and on task when you have a list and a neat desk. I’ve found I’m more motivated to jot down a note if I have a smooth writing pen, like the MR Gel Ink Pen, from the Animal Collection (PIL91234). I chose the White Tiger print, to add some pizzazz to my pen!


Now it’s time to congratulate yourself! Organizing your workspace is no easy feat, but after you’ve conquered this list, I’m confident you can take on anything. Enjoy your new workspace and remember; a clean desk is a productive desk.

Office Resolutions

Oh Hiya! Meg here, with some easy ideas to take your work day from dull to down right super. Your job may not be the most exciting part of your day, but these workplace resolutions will go a long way to brightening your office outlook.

Workplace Solutions Porters Office Supply










  • Learn Something New– Don’t take for granted all the exciting work your company does! Take an active part in learning something new about your workplace and you’ll be surprised at how much more exciting your job can be. Whether you take a minute to chat with a co-worker about their task list or read up on the recent happenings, staying in the loop keeps you motivated to do your best.


  • Sit Up– Sitting for 8 hours in a day can really wear on a body, leaving you feeling exhausted at the end of the day. To combat that sleepy feeling that comes right around 3:00, I’ve decided to stand up and stretch it out. I’m working on taking a short break every hour to give myself a little time to breathe and re-energize. Whether you take a quick walk to the water cooler or take a minute to stand up at your desk, you’ll notice a difference.


  • Keep It Clean– Nothing decreases my productivity than a messy workspace. It’s so easy to get distracted in the piles of paper and notes that I simply forget my to-do list. I’m working on staying organized and taking time to neaten up my desk before I head home at night. A neat desk in the morning leads to a successful day!


  • Stop Slumping– As the day goes on, I’ve found that my posture starts to droop as well. When I get up to take a little stretch during the day, I’ve found that my posture improves when I sit back down. Getting two things done at once is a great way to improve productivity!


  • Positive Notes– Take a minute to jot down a little note about a positive thing that happened during the day. It can be big or small, from drinking an extra glass of water to checking that big project off your to-do list. Then, at the end of the week take a look at all the wonderful things you’ve accomplished. You’ll be smiling in no time!


These resolutions are sure to put a smile on your face during your workday. Have a great month everyone!

Simplify Your Desk

It can be a sobering experience to realize that you don’t have control over your desk. But don’t let it intimidate you. Sure it seems like a daunting task but the pot of gold at the end of this rainbow is well worth the trip. We’ve all had those moments at work where we know something is on the desk but can’t seem to find it for what feels like an eternity (especially when someone else is standing right there waiting for it). You may even at times look at your work space and wonder, how did this happen? And while it’s obvious that half the battle is forming good habits and having a functional organizational system there is also a couple easy steps we can all take to simplify the desk mess.


Trays & Racks

So lets take a brief over view of how we can make our own lives easier. Start with either trays or upright folder racks. Again these really work with a system but we’ll leave that decision up to you, just try to have one. Adding these to your work space will greatly reduce the pile up of paper. Obviously don’t just start tossing important documents but don’t be a hoarder either. Even trays and racks can’t handle you keeping every little memo that is of no actual use to you.


Pen Bucket

Some people are in greater need of this then others but our writing utensils can pile up, be lost in the shuffle and get us to pull out a new one. But if we could remember to put those pens, pencils, highlighters, what have you into a pen bucket or even a clean bean can it will keep all those tools we need right were we can find them. Now for a little secret, shhh don’t tell anyone. There are products out there we can get that will take multiple everyday needed items and put them all together compactly and conveniently. For example this 3M Vertical Desktop Organizer pictured to the right.


Posting Board

Nothing seems easier to lose than a small note or memo. You place it on your desk telling yourself it will be so easy to find later but inside we all know it’s never that simple. And the smaller they get the more dangerous they become! But never fear we have a solution for that as well. Adding a small posting board of some kind to your work space will relieve you of this issue. A magnetic whiteboard, push pins and corkboard, or my personal favorite a self sticking board made by Post-it that is good for use after use after use and requires no more than for you to push the paper to the surface. Any of these items will make your life much simpler and free up valuable desk space.

4 Fall Organizing Projects

4 Fall Organizing Projects

When summer is over and everyone’s returned from vacation, it’s time to get your office in order. Your first priority is catching up on some basic business administrative chores before the end of the year sneaks up on you – all those little bookkeeping paper management tasks you just haven’t gotten around to yet. Once your finances are straightened out, then it’s time for any last-minute tax adjustments that will allow you to minimize your liabilities. And when the work is all done how will you celebrate? Have you decided what to do about the company holiday part this year? Let’s tackle each issue one at a time, with these handy business checklists:

Bookkeeping Chores

  • import and input information from all of your company accounts into your automated bookkeeping software
  • reconcile your general ledger to your bank statement balance
  • review your assets, liabilities, and payables for accuracy
  • catch up on your invoices, then review your outstanding accounts receivables for those bad debts that need to be written off
  • create a profit and loss statement from the current year, review it for mistakes, and use it to develop a budget for the coming year
  • collect social security numbers and other taxpayer ID on those contractors you paid this year and for whom you will need to file a 1099 with the IRS

Year-End Tax Planning

  • meet with your accountant and financial adviser to review possible strategies for minimizing the taxes due
  • review upcoming income for receivables that can be delayed into the new year to lower your current-year tax bill
  • consider prepaying for professional membership dues, subscriptions to journals, or career development courses
  • plan and budget to make any large purchases of equipment or supplies for your company before December 31st
  • make sure that you’re on-target to maximize tax deductions for your company retirement plan or your self-employed retirement plan if you are an entrepreneur
  • gather documentation related to any 179 deductions/depreciation for tangible personal property purchased for use in your business

Archiving Inactive Files

  • monthly/annual financial statements
  • personnel and payroll records
  • retirement and pension records
  • bank and credit card statements
  • investment trade confirmations and stock records
  • employment applications
  • expired insurance policies
  • invoices and expense receipts
  • supporting documents for tax returns
  • property records and improvement receipts
  • income tax payment checks and returns
  • important correspondence and legal records
  • CPA audit reports
  • corporate documents — incorporation, charter, by-laws, etc.
  • licenses, patents, and trademarks and registration packets

Holiday Party Planning

  • are spouses and families invited, or just employees?
  • how and when will you send out invitations?
  • will you focus on business issues or just have a party?
  • will employees contribute to the cost of the party? bring food? help set up?
  • do you need to accommodate any special dietary requirements?
  • what is the most appropriate venue — on site or at another location?
  • what will you need in terms of parking, disabled access, supplies, equipment, amenities, etc.?
  • what sort of decorations will you want — banners, flowers, centerpieces, balloons, etc.?
  • how will you go about purchasing or requesting donations for raffle prizes?
  • what will your schedule for the evening look like — time for speeches, presentations, etc.?
  • will you hire caterer and serving help or do the work yourself?
  • will you hire entertainers or arrange a sound system and select recorded music?


Subdivide for Better Organization

Subdivide for Better Organization

You’ve found the folder you’re looking for. But it’s so full of paperwork that a new search begins for the specific document you want. Over time, files can accumulate a lot of paperwork. Projects, reference files and ongoing records like health or human resources files can get pretty bulky. The solution to managing the growing chaos is to use dividers and fasteners.

Create A File Within A File

The key to controlling files that contain lots of varied information is to subdivide the material into groups within the folder. Just as you use categories for different types of files, you can separate categories of papers within the file folder itself. Finding a specific document or piece of information becomes much easier.

Fasten Up For Safety And Security

Fasteners let you attach papers directly to the file folder. Punched pages stack on top of one another and are held tight by metal prongs. The pages stay in the order you put them in and won’t fall out of the folder. Many Smead folders are available with preinstalled fasteners that hold up to two inches of material. You can also add fasteners to any filing product using Self-Adhesive Fasteners.

Divide And Conquer

Fasteners in a folder create categories by using the inside panels to separate papers. Having dividers in a folder lets you define even more categories within the file. Smead products with built-in dividers include:

  • Classification Folders
  • Organizer Folders
  • Weekly Organizers
  • Project Organizers
  • Poly Three-Divider Project Jackets
  • Desk File/Sorters

You can also add more filing surfaces to most file folders using Self-Adhesive Dividers. Create folders that give you a separate filing surface for each category of material.

Divider Diversity

Sometimes you need a divider that’s got special capabilities. If you keep valuable materials in the folder that cannot be punched, such as photos, certificates, digital media or bound paperwork, choose a divider style that meets their storage requirements. Smead offers a variety of products with special purpose dividers:

  • Pocket style dividers with fasteners
  • Wallet dividers
  • Slash pocket dividers

You’ll be amazed at how easy it is to find specific information in a bulky folder when you organize the materials using dividers and fasteners. And your coworkers will be amazed at how smart you are when you can effortlessly locate anything in the file.


Cutting Paper Clutter in Five Easy Steps

Mountains. Stacks. Cascades.

Whatever word you use to describe it, paper clutter can be overwhelming. Here are some practical paper management steps I teach my clients to help embrace the old adage everything in its proper place and regain control of your workspace.

1. Clear all the paper from your desk and the surrounding workspace. (Yes, all those piles on the floor and on top of cabinets and counters do count.) Organize the papers into piles on a conference table or other clean, flat surface.

2. Create three boxes. Standard, stackable trays will do. Or, get a little creative and repurpose a sturdy folder or other container. You can label the boxes:

• Now – the place for any papers you need immediate access to

• File – the place for any papers you must keep, but can file away.

• Later – the place for papers you want to keep in reach, but don’t need to access right away.


3. Sort and toss. Going through the piles one at a time, sort the papers into the appropriate boxes. Shred or recycle any remaining papers.

4. File away. Using sturdy file folders, clearly label them by function or purpose (for example: Clients, Marketing, Vendors). After placing papers into labeled files, put the files into the folders in a logical order (for example: alphabetically, chronologically or by order of importance).

5. Close the file drawer. Step back and take a deep, satisfying breath.


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