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Space to Yourself; Creating Getaways Within the Office

Modern office design has seen an evolution toward open, collaborative spaces.  Cubicle walls are lowering, collaborative lounge and conferencing areas are being added, and even private offices often have full glass walls to give a feeling of openness.  There has been extensive research on how accessible collaborative office design can promote productivity in the workplace, and it can be easy to get caught up in the idea of having “no walls” to prevent separation and disengagement at work.  However, while the open office has its benefits, it is still important to remember that there must be a balance between areas where team meetings and group sessions take place, and spaces where individuals can hunker down and focus or take a break.  Thus, the importance of the ‘enclave’.

“These short-term retreat spaces give workers the change of pace—and of posture—that often stimulates new ideas and leads to better conversations down the road.  And for mobile workers, a private oasis is exactly what’s needed as they grab a few minutes to prep for the next meeting.  Meike Toepfer Taylor, a former Coalesse design researcher, calls these enclaves “ready refuge places where we can hide if needed.” 

“There’s mounting evidence that the lack of privacy is causing people to feel overexposed in today’s workplaces,”said Donna Flynn, who leads Steelcase’s WorkSpace Futures research group. Along with giving people easy access to their colleagues, companies who practice collaboration also need to give workers “the time and places to focus and recharge,” she said.”

An enclave can be anything from a small nook with a table and chair to a completely separated room with lounge furniture.  Coalesse’s Massaud and Hosu lounge chairs are perfect for such a location, allowing relaxation or individual work to take place.

Others, like the Lagunitas collection from Coalesse and the Brody Lounge from Steelcase both create enclaves in and of themselves, no walls required!

Whatever it looks like, an in-between space like this may be just where you need to go to relax, take a phone call, or work on projects that require intense focus.  Everyone needs a place to get away from their desk and recharge during a hectic day.

We Are An Exclusive Steelcase Dealership

If you’re familiar with Porter’s OP, you already know we have a wide and comprehensive selection of products that can furnish your office from top to bottom, and keep it up and running. But the strength of our product lineup is built on the quality brands we sell, and one we’re very proud to partner with is Steelcase.

Steelcase Open Plan

Porter’s is an exclusive Steelcase dealer because we know our customers need the best, and Steelcase delivers the best. Steelcase offers a globally accessible portfolio of industry leading workplace furnishings, products, and services, with over 650 dealers worldwide. By working with Steelcase, we’re able to help our customers work more effectively, efficiently, and comfortably, while offering cutting edge office technology. The Steelcase categories we sell are:

Open-Plan Workstations
In today’s workplace, offices need to be more effective than ever before. An open-plan workstation gives you the ability to tailor your space to your needs, while setting you up for maximum efficiency.

Private Office Furniture
For the executive suite or the mid-level office, we have a comprehensive selection of high-quality, traditional or contemporary private office furniture that can fit any job title.

GM Approved Furniture
Porter’s is a member of the General Motors Facility Program, designed to transform the image of GM dealerships and surpass corporate standards. The program is very selective about which furniture brands are approved for facilities, and Steelcase is a big one. We carry all the Steelcase pieces you need to finish off a dealership renovation.

Learn more about the brands we carry by calling us here at Porter’s, or by visiting our Facebook page.

New Steelcase Table

We have a brand new Steelcase conference table available immediately.  We are currently displaying one in our Pocatello showroom.  Some of the features it includes are listed below:

  • Boat-shape
  • 120″ long x 48″D in the center, 40″D on each end
  • “Clear Walnut” laminate
  • 3 round steel bases to support
  • 2 round grommets in the center of the table

If you would like to know more about the table or would like to place an order for one contact Melissa Brown at or call her at 208-542-4829.

Conference Table2Clear Walnut

A Commercial Makeover

Porter’s Office Products offers a wide variety of commercial furniture services, including expert furniture installation.  We have a skilled installation team that will work with any brand of furniture you have.  Whether the furniture is a new purchase or an existing setup, we can help you.

Allstate opened up a large new office in Pocatello, and Porter’s was there to provide a knowledgeable team of experts with over 20 years in office installation experience.  In addition, Porter’s arranged the storage of Allstate’s extra furniture pieces.

Whether you have a single chair needing repair or a new building to be furnished, Porter’s Office Products is here with the services you need.

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Solutions for Your Furniture Questions


Porter’s Office Products offers a wide variety of commercial furniture solutions.  In addition to providing a variety of office supplies and furniture items, Porter’s offers Interior Design and Space Planning by our in-house Interior Designer, Melissa Brown.

Porter’s recently completed a space within Idaho State University’s TRiO Student Services Department.  This department is used as a space for students to relax, study, and learn.  Thanks to Steelcase’s Educational line, this department now includes areas for quiet study, group collaboration, and even tutoring.

As technology continues to develop and change they way students learn, Steelcase has a dedicated team that is constantly researching and studying the best learning environments for today’s generation.  As Southeastern Idaho’s exclusive Steelcase dealer, we are dedicated to providing solutions for both formal and informal learning environments.  Our products are designed to keep students alert, active, attentive.

Green is Gold with Steelcase!

This article by Steelcase General Manager
Ken Tameling breaks down the innovative re-design process of the Steelcase Think
chair and how designing for sustainability can result in a higher performing, cost neutral and less expensive product- perfect for an educational setting.


“At Steelcase, we know the way to remain an industry leader in providing the best products IN the world is to ensure that they are the best products FOR the world. That’s why every step of the way – through design, manufacturing, delivery and product lifecycles – we consider the impact of our work on humans and the environment and uncover opportunities to make things better. A recent example where we successfully found a product alternative that did just that was with our Think Chair.

We initiated a redesign project to eliminate a small concentration of identified material of concern. The material we sought to replace was an integral ingredient in the product assembly. After an extensive global search, we discovered that an alternate material did not exist. However, it was our objective to completely eliminate this material from the Think Chair and our product portfolio. A project team at Steelcase was tasked with the challenge of designing a new solution that would maintain the same product performance and meet our environmental requirements. The project team focused on solutions that could be produced utilizing materials that had already been through the human and environmental health assessment process and ensured that newly introduced materials also met the assessment requirements. The team successfully designed a new solution that not only met our environmental criteria but more than doubled the durability.

An added benefit was that the new solution resulted in an annual cost savings of $44,000. This project demonstrates that designing for sustainability can result in a higher performing, cost neutral – or even less expensive – product. Our team is motivated by these types of challenges and strives every day to create maximum value while being catalysts for good at the same time. By doing so, we’ll continue to deliver innovative products and increased value to our customers and stakeholders.”