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Office Spring Cleaning Tips

The snow is slowly melting away and that fourth layer of clothing is no longer necessary. Its time to shake off winter the ice and usher in some spring-time cheer. One of the best ways to kick off spring is by cleaning and getting your office in order. The relief of removing the winter-time clutter can help relieve stress and anxiety. We will give you a few of our office spring cleaning tips below.

Divide and Conquer

The first office spring cleaning tip is to divide up the office. It can seem like a lot to tackle if just one person is going to try and take on the whole office. Divide the office into section and divide your employees into teams. With the office in sections and everyone on a team it will make it much more manageable. Remember the best way to eat an elephant is one bite at a time.

Take your Time.

Rome wasn’t built in a day. Same goes for your office. It will take some time to get everything in order, and that’s okay. Don’t get discouraged if after the first day of cleaning it looks even more cluttered than before. That is part of the process and it will get better. Take your time and be thorough. It will be worth the wait when you are all done. Trust us.

Desktop Declutter

A messy desk is just asking to make you stressed out. The more organized your desk the more at peace you will feel. Marie Kondo has some suggestions to help organize your desk. The first thing she suggestions is to remove all paper and files from your desk. She says if you aren’t actively using a piece of paper it shouldn’t be on your desk. Put it away. This should be easier in today’s digital age than in the past. The other suggestion she has is to remove personal decorations from your desk. Just one framed picture of a loved one. Maybe one item to personalize your desk and cheer it up. But that should be it. your desk should not be a knick knack shelf.

clean desk

Digital Declutter

Sometimes a cluttered digital desktop can be worse than a cluttered physical desktop. Use files. Instead of having all your documents scattered on your desktop put them in a file and keep it organized. This will make it easier down the road to find the files you are looking for. If it is outdated, delete it. Don’t be a digital hoarder.

Keep it Clean

Now that your office is clean and ready for spring lets keep it that way. This might be the hardest step of all. Make a chore chart for the office just like when you were a kid. Assign people a task and hold them accountable to it. Rotate the tasks ever so often so that it doesn’t become monotonous. Stick to a cleaning schedule and hopefully come next spring you won’t be back at square one.

We hope these office spring cleaning tips help you to keep your office neat and tidy. If you are in need of any cleaning supplies, add it to your next order and get started cleaning right away! Don’t procrastinate.

5 Tips For a Great Office Break Room

Do you have questions on how a great office break room should be? Well, to start off with a great office break room should be an alluring retreat for workers to quickly relax, refresh and associate with their colleagues.

Therefore it is very necessary for employers to make the break room’s atmosphere a comfortable and calm one as well as the provision of a place for significant interactions and enhancing team spirit. This content is directed towards recommendation on important factors to consider making your break room more hospitable and functional.

The Office Break Room

Apart from the work desk where workers spend most of their time at, another place they frequent is the office break room. The office break room is important for lots of reasons including a place to grab a snack, a place to hold casual meetings, or a place to escape briefly from work.

As an employer, you need to know that break rooms are very important to your employees to encourage both their mental and physical breaks from the daily demands of work. Research carried out on workers revealed that regular breaks during work will lead to high productivity and elevated work happiness.

These are five tips you should have in mind if you desire to build a great office break room.

1. Designate a specific place with comfortable seating’s.

A particular place should be designated for your break room. The place should be creatively adorned, include pieces of furniture such as lounge chairs and coffee tables. Comfortable seating’s such as couches, individual seats, and matching chairs and tables should be in place in order to create a warm atmosphere.

2. Have a kitchen installed and have it well stocked on regular basis.

A kitchen in a break room makes it very convenient and gives warm comfort to the office environment. Refrigerators and microwave should be available for workers who desire to reheat or refrigerate food brought from home.

For example Coffee pots, vending machine etc. gives the workers a sense of value. Remember to keep the kitchen well-stocked, this will not only please the employees but also create good impressions on clients and visitors. Go the extra mile by supplying regular snacks and beverages sustain employee’s energy throughout the day.

break room snacks

3. Create a high-spirited mood in the break room

An ideal break room should be a sort of temporary escape from busy activity and stress from work so that the workers will leave there feeling rejuvenated and refreshed. Have the rooms painted In bright colors? You could also have bulletin boards placed where an announcement can be posted.

Recreational games are also excellent ideas for creating a high-spirited mood in the break room. Such games include darts, Ping-Pong table etc.. Recreational games give employees opportunity to connect closely with one another and also enjoy their work. They eliminate mental and physical stresses, therefore creating a healthy work-life balance for one’s employees.

4. Let an employee manage the break room.

Also, An employee should be placed in charge of the break room. He/She’s duty shall include keeping the break room clean and organized. He/ she shall be the contact person in charge of complaints resolving and maintenance of a good atmosphere.

5. Provide Bestsellers Books and trendy magazines

Great books should be provided, most especially books that will really ease tensions from the mind of the readers. Have employees make out their choice of the book each, they may also suggest their interests.

Above all, do not forget, the more you engage your employees the more productive they will be. The best choice of engagement currently is a welcoming break room that caters to employees mental and physical need.


A Seat and Stand workstation has many benefits. Learn more about them and avoid the risks of traditional workstations.

The reasons for Seat and Stand workstations

man standing at desk

It is an undisputed fact that we spend most of our time siting while at work. But research and studies have shown that sitting for a long time can damage your health. Though exercise can combat this defect the unhealthy consequence will not occur if one is not sitting.

Long hours of sitting are linked to lifestyle diseases like obesity, diabetes, heart disease, some types of cancer, and a shorter life.

This has promoted the standing desk furniture which allows one to stand while working. Standing desks come with health benefits which include reduced back pain, improved mental health, lower blood sugar, lower cholesterol, and greater life expectancy.

According to a study published in the Journal of Physical Activity and Health. The study found that standing burned 88 calories an hour and walking burned 210 calories an hour, which is more than the calories burned while sitting.

People who use standing desks have confirmed that it helped stretch and exercise the back but standing for long periods of time may cause back leg or foot pain.

Since sitting for too long has unhealthy and standing for too long also does, what should be the right posture? The right answer is both, a work in which you will be able to alternate between sitting and standing makes the body healthy as it combats against the defects of sitting too long and standing for too long.

A sit/stand desk is ideal because it allows worker alternate between sitting and standing by being able to lower or raise the desk platform. There are not so many seat stand workstation as most of our offices and workstations include furniture’s that would make us sit or stand throughout the working hours. Let’s look in this more deeply, why would a seat stand work station benefit you?

Too much sitting is not good for you.

According to the World Health Organization, you’re at a greater risk of developing high blood pressure, kidney disease, and heart disease if you consistently sit for a long time throughout the day.

Research has also shown that more than 20% of breast and colon cancer and 25% of diabetes is caused by sitting too much. We have established the fact that sitting for hours on end is simply not good for your body.

BBC has also made it known that inactivity of the body causes 3.5 million deaths each year.  It was also discovered that sitting for eight to eleven hours in a day increases your risk of dying prematurely by 15% to 40%.

Why, because apart from your hands, the rest of your body is not doing anything. When you sit, after a while, more than 70% pressure is applied on your lower back; this could hurt your back, neck, shoulder, and head and cause pain in those regions. It could also lead to reduced spine flexibility and disk damage.

Another study shows how obesity in Americans doubled over the course of 20 years as sitting increased by 8% while exercise rates stayed the same. Too much sitting can also lead to mental fatigue, therefore, make you work less and slows down your thinking.

But standing more is proven to improve your health, reduce the risk of premature death and disease, and increase physical activity, reduce weight, burns fat, more productive, improved concentration, and increase effectiveness.

Prolong standing is bad for you

Standing for a prolonged period can lead to joint and back pain, swelling, and fatigue. It can also compress the spine and lead to lower back problems.

It may cause cardiovascular problems as your heart works against gravity to keep blood flowing from your toes. Standing still and not moving is still ‘not moving’.

Seat and Stand workstation conclusion

man using standing workstation

Siting for a while, standing for a while, keeping the whole body active, and effectively carrying out your work will improve not just your health, but your productivity. You can only get this in a seat/stand workstation, a working environment where you won’t be siting all day and standing all day.

5 Easy Ways to Declutter Your Office

Are you feeling cramped in your office? It might be time to clear out some things and give yourself a little bit more elbow room. Too much clutter can really influence the way you work. If your workspace is disorganized, its likely you will be disorganized, and you won’t be as productive. Here are a few quick and easy way to clear the clutter in your office to improve productivity.

5. Question Everything

organized desk

Declutter your desk. Do you really use everything on your desk? Most of the time we keep things on our desk just in case we need them. Keeping everything, you might need can really cause your desk to become cluttered. Get rid of everything you don’t use on a regular basis. Ask yourself: does this thing have a purpose? Do I use this enough to keep it? Having a clean place to work can help you to have a clear head. When you have a clear head, you will be more productive.

4. Create an organization system

use files to stay organized.

Find a way to organize that works for you. There are several tools you can use to declutter your office help keep your workspace neat and organized. One option is to get a desk organizer so that all your small items aren’t rolling around in your desk. Have them in one centralized location. Another is to use file folders. Label the folders and keep them in a file cabinet to stay organized. One step further would be to color coordinate your file folders.

3. Declutter your inbox

declutter your email inbox

Having a cluttered digital workspace can be just as stressful (if not more) than a physical workspace. According to LifeWire the average office worker receives 121 emails a day. That can be overwhelming just to open all those. Take your time and prioritize the emails that are the most urgent and respond to those first. If you need to complete tasks related to the emails make a list with the most important first and work down from there.

2. Create more Space

StaxonSteel storage files

For the files and paperwork you don’t use that often you need to find a way to organize and keep it out of the way. The best way to do this are with file storage boxes. There are two popular options when it comes to this. You can use cardboard storage boxes these are cheap and lightweight. The other option is StaxonSteel storage files. These are heavy duty and can be stacked 10 high to maximize your storage capacity.

1. Off Site Storage

elite storage units

You might just have to much stuff to keep at your business. Your best option is to rent a storage unit. With a unit you still have access to your things but this way it is out of sight and mind. This is a perfect option for storing documents that need to be kept for several years. Also it is a great way to store those seasonal items to they aren’t in the way for the whole year. The storage unit we found that is best for us is Elite Storage.

We hope these tips help you to declutter your office and be more organized so that you can be even more productive!

Also read last months blog post if you missed it!


Getting supplies ready for a new hire is a terrific idea as it makes the job easier and faster. This is because the new hire is always anxious to start work. It is very pertinent you provide the basics; you may then address special issues in relation to the situation when he/she progresses.

This article will not bore you with stories and I promise at the end of the article you will have an insight into the essential office supplies needed by new hires.

The following are essential office supplies you need to get in place for new hires:

Writing Instruments

The most relevant office supplies needed by new hires are the writing instruments. Writing instrument like a pen, the pencil is very relevant. While it’s okay with some employees to use a normal standard ballpoint pen, some profession does differ in use. For instance, an executive may require a desktop pen and pencil while an engineer may need mechanical pencils.


Staplers are always useful to most employees. The regular office stapler is convenient if the employee’s job does not entail stapling large stacks of documents, but if it does a heavy-duty stapler will be necessary. Ensure that extra supplies of staples are always available.

Tape Dispenser

It is important you get tape dispensers for new hires especially those with a weighted base to help maintain balance while in use. Tape dispenser makes reloading of a new roll of tape much easier.


Notepads are very useful for putting down information. Although computers are more preferable by some employees in jotting information, some still prefer notepads to jot information down.

 Notepads are very crucial to Secretarial and receptionist jobs because they are very handy. It is important to ask the choice of new hires on which notepad size they desire.


Calendars are used in tracking events, meetings, appointments, callbacks and other tasks. There is the computerized calendar available, but some employee still prefers to use the paper calendar.

Calendars exist in various styles such as monthly wall calendars, small daily calendars and large calendars that can dominate a desktop.

Desk Chair

Having a quality chair to sit in can make a world of difference to a new employee. They will be most likely be sitting for several hour a day and it is important that they are comfortable which will improve their productivity.

Must Have Supplies for Your Home Office

The way you design and set up your office determines how much productivity you would have, that is why you need some certain accessories in your home office. Here are some of the supplies you need for your home office:

Keyboard and laptop stand

Today, many home business owners use a laptop or a tablet device over a computer in their home business. They are portable, yet powerful. But to increase productivity, you may think of adding a matching laptop and keyboard stand to your desk set up. Choose a laptop and keyboard stands that have ergonomic designs. This way, you do not have to worry about getting carpal tunnel syndrome or developing a bad sitting posture.

Smartphone and cord stand

The key to having a desk setup that will help improve your work productivity is by choosing desk accessories that enhance productivity without cluttering the workspace. One such accessory is a smartphone and cord holder or stands, which not only keeps your phone within easy reach but also, can double as a wire organizer and charger.

Pen and paper holder

Even if most of your writing is done digitally, it is still important to keep analog equivalents from time to time. As a result, having a pen and paper holder on your desk makes it easy to jot notes, to-do lists, shopping lists, or just simple reminders. Find desk organizers Here.


Most computers and laptops have their own built-in speaker systems; however, this may not be enough, especially if you need to listen to audio files, do online training, or simply enjoy listening to music while you work. Speakers can offer improved sound quality and are available in various shapes, sizes, and functionalities.

Desk lamp

Desk lamps are a crucial accessory even if you have good lighting in your home office. Not only can it help prevent eye strain, but also, it can offer design flair. There are inexpensive but well-designed options Here. Aside from choosing a desk lamp with a creative design, also make sure to use a good light bulb.


No one can deny the importance of a sturdy mug or tumbler to hold coffee or tea for a caffeine boost. Choose a mug or tumbler that is sturdy, spill-proof, drop-proof, and dishwasher-safe.

Game cubes

Working for yourself can be stressful, which can impact productivity. For that reason, you should set up your office workspace so that it’s functional, as well as inspiring. For those times when you begin to feel overwhelmed or stressed, reach for a stress ball or a game cube, such as a Rubik’s cube. These items can release stress, and calm and refocus a busy mind.

Photo frame

Sometimes, office desks can get drab and boring, especially if you only have your laptop or computer monitor to stare at the whole day. Add color and inspiration with a picture frame of your friends or loved ones. You can choose a traditional wooden or metal photo frame. Alternatively, you may use a digital photo frame that allows you to create a slideshow of your favorite pictures. Also, you can choose a multipurpose photo frame that can be used as a pen holder and also has device charging slots.


Another often-neglected yet important desk accessory is a desk clock. The clock on your smartphone or laptop may not be enough to keep you aware of the time.

Create an ideal home office for yourself by having these home office essen

Porter’s Office Products Named One of the Top 10 Office Supply Websites

About Porter’s Office Products

Porter’s Office Products is a fasting growing and trend conscious office products dealer with a long-standing reputation of bridging the gap between high quality office essentials/furniture and customers who needs such services to effectively and efficiently run their businesses.

With many years of dedicated services and experience in the business of office products and essentials since 1915, it won’t be surprising that Porter’s Office Product made the list as one of the top 10 office supply websites in the recent study conducted by credit network Apruve Inc.

Headquartered in Rexburg, with an office also in Pocatello together with their 24/7 online platform where they meet the needs of customers through a user friendly website interface.

How Porter’s Office Product Website Made The Top 10 List

Being a B2B ecommerce business platform that constantly study and understands the dynamics and trends of the market, Porter’s office product operates a smart B2B ecommerce website that seamlessly meets the need of our customers and buyers. Aware of the fact that the old-fashioned mode of business (talking about faxes and printed catalogues) is fast winding up since many customers are on the lookout for a smarter, easier and a more convenient means of making purchases, we at Porter’s Office Product wouldn’t want to be told of the importance of taking our business to the new and trendy height of the new millennium – B2B ecommerce business.

Ranking Criteria which the Porter’s Office Product Met

The study conducted by credit network Apruve Inc. is an all-round and a thorough quantitative research which employs measurable data to pin-point the level of adoption of the B2B ecommerce for their businesses. Also, certain criteria in which Apruve expect B2B ecommerce business websites to meet for the purpose of creating a friendly customer relationship and also impacting their businesses positively include:

  • User Experience & Usability

As a B2B ecommerce platform, it is expected that every business’ website must as matter of importance make their website interface easy for buyers and customers to use and navigate around. With this, buyers will be able to access their needed products with ease. Some tools which we use in enhancing user experience and usability include: product images on the search page, bundle options for discount sales, ratings and reviews from customers for services rendered on the product page, saving a shopping cart/wish-list which will enable buyers to keep track of their purchases.

  • Marketing & Shipping

Product advertisement and delivery is also a core aspect of B2B ecommerce as this will enhance the ease of potential customers seeing the product and services which you render. This can be achieved through search engine optimization of your website, mobile app/platform that can easily be used to make purchases, smooth shipping ad prompt delivery of shipped product to buyers etc.

  • B2B Product Needs

Also, product needs for buyers has to be met adequately and easily through dealer channels with search functionality that helps buyers to search for their needs with possible results matching their search items. Ease of payment through credit cards, making volume discounts known to buyers as this can turn an easy bait to attract potential buyers. Finally, the availability of online POs and invoices which may serve as an evidence for purchased products.

So, the Result – Apruval Ranking

1 Amazon 75 68.3 135 278.3
2  ↑² Shoplet 80 42 120 242
3  ↓¹ On Time Supplies 80 41.6 110 231.6
4  ↓¹ Office Max / Depot 70 50.9 110 230.9
5  ← Best Buy Business 45 51.1 120 216.1
6  ↑² Staples 60 52.0 100 212.0
7  ↑₄ Quill 60 36.4 110 206.4
8  ↑₂₄ City Office Supply 50 32.0 120 202.0
9  ↑₂₆ Office Supply 60 31.3 110 201.3
10 Porter’s Office Products 70 30.9 100 200.9

From a critical evaluation of each B2B ecommerce business website, Apruva Inc. came up with the following ranking based on each business website’s ability to adopt most of the B2B ecommerce for their businesses.

And so, we at Porter’s Office Product are proud to announce to you our esteemed customers that we made it to the top ten ranking position. This wouldn’t have been possible without your patronage and so, we pledge to continue serving you right and will continuously strive harder to make sure that your overall user experience on our websites gets better and easier than ever as we look forward to having more business deals with you.

Deck the Office Halls



Happy holidays!!!

How are you keeping the festive holiday spirit alive in the office? It can be tricky sometimes to decorate with a limited space or a limited wallet.

Here are some of the office ideas we have done here around our Porter’s Office Products work station!

Our furniture specialists pop onto the retail floor several times a day. They decided to hang some garland up with some fairy lights intermixed for some holiday glow!
Photo Dec 20, 10 16 39 AM.jpg

What brings the holiday spirit better than a fully decorated Christmas tree? We have loved having this tree in on our retail floor so that everyone always see it. We even stored our employee Secret Santa gifts for one another underneath it for the time before our party!
Photo Dec 20, 10 16 59 AM.jpg

A great and inexpensive way to decorate is hanging Christmas ornaments around the office. We hung them from the shelves on the retail floor. It glistened the place up a great deal.
Photo Dec 20, 10 17 27 AM (1).jpg

Something else we enjoyed doing this holiday season was displaying our holiday cards we received from fellow business friends on our warehouse door.
Photo Dec 20, 10 19 11 AM.jpg

Of course, we couldn’t do any of this without the Blue Cow stamp of approval! Our little buddy has certainly enjoyed the holiday season thus far!!
Photo Dec 20, 10 18 18 AM.jpg

There are also many ideas we have seen that we love to share as well!

One of our absolute favorites is this rendition of Elf on a Shelf! They created Elf bodies out of construction paper and attached their own photos on as well! They move them all around the office and have them act out hilarious winter scenarios. Great idea coming from Seema Adnani










Another great and simple one is turning your door into a present! We love this idea coming from Nap Time Decorator. It will make anyone feel the holiday spirit as they walk into your “presents”!

Front Door Wrapped Present.

There are so many fun ideas and decorations you can use in your office space. Let us know if you have another idea or something you have already tried!

Best Organization Apps

Do you feel like you have a million things to do and keep track of?  Thankfully many people have decided to get over that feeling and make something to help!

Here are the two top rated websites for organizing you work life or your personal life. I used each one for at least a week and took notes on what I liked and disliked about them.





  • Premium features comments, alarms,
  • Available with mobile and desktop – syncing to one another
  • Simple looking and allows you to panel them. All tasks, Today, or the Upcoming 7 Days
  • You can set a task to be reoccurring. There is no limit. It can be every Monday, every 15th of the month, every 3 months, etc.
  • You can’t share the list, but you can assign projects to other people. This might be helpful if you are a group leader or team leader. You can keep track of what you assigned to people…but you have to make sure you tell them you assigned them to this task.






  • Share lists with others
  • Not limited and works with multiple platforms like Android, Windows, Linux, Blackberry, etc.
  • Available with mobile and desktop – syncing to one another
  • You don’t have to have premium to add comments, alarms, etc.
  • There are background images on your lists that make it a little prettier to look at
  • You can share this list and have conversations with those group members


There are many pros to both apps. I personally prefer Todoist because it fits my work and personal life needs a little better. Let us know what you think! Send us a message on any social media platform or comment below! We’d love to hear what you think.


Now, if you are one that likes to keep track of tasks on something tangible and not electronic, we have the goods for you!

Calendars –

Highlighters –

Tab pens –


Camera Hacks Tested and True

Each day there is a new “life hack” video on social media. People are loving this idea of cheap and easy ways to get the same result. I have seen a great deal of “hacks” regarding photography. I myself have done photography for many years and was curious about the legitimacy of these tips. Of course, I had to put them to the test.

I have a Canon t5i Rebel camera. This week, I put each of these hacks to the test both on manual mode and automatic mode.

I’ll show you what my camera looked like with the “gear” and the results from the shot.


Hack #1: Get a sandwich bag and cut the bottom off. Wrap the bag around your lens with a rubber band or hair tie and shoot on either manual or automatic mode. It will create a haze glow around your subject.

I was actually very surprised at how much I liked this tip. Sure, you had to readjust the bag several times around the frame of your subject. I liked it with and without the flash on manual and the automatic mode. I give this one a thumbs up!


Hack #2: Finish up your can of chips and cut the bottom off. The shiny interior creates a perfect place to bounce light. It will create perfect studio look, even if you’re just in your living room.

I doubted this one the most out of all of them. However, I was pleasantly surprised again and how much of a difference it made. The light was targeted directly around my face giving the spot light effect. My next attempt is going to be in a darker room.

Note: When I think of studio shot, I think of indoors. I don’t know what kind of effect this might have outside at night. Try it yourselves and let us know what you think!

original                            result


Hack #3: Grab a pair of old tights and gently stretch them across your lens. Wrap it with a rubber band to keep it in place. The tights will help soften the light in your shot. Tip! Use different colors of tights to get some fun images!

Don’t count me in for using this one again. The tights made it very hard to focus on the subject on either manual or automatic mode. It just looked like you had something covering your lens as a mistake. It may possibly be better with something significantly thinner like panty hose. The tights did not do well.

original                           result


Hack #4: Sometimes the flash on a camera can be annoying to the subject’s eyes or showing up in the wrong place in the image. To fix that, take a business card and cut two little slits on the bottom short side. Netsle that onto your hot shoe or the flash popper while its up. Now that light will be redirected upwards!

Honestly, I am not 100% sure how I feel about this. With a few more tests, I might find a good opportunity to use it. I wanted to demonstrate this trick on inanimate objects to show you where the reflections and light ended up. It certainly did its job redirecting the light. However, I think with how much it redirected, you might as well just not use the flash.

original                            result


Hack #5: If you are playing around and are looking for something fun. Try adding some self-made vignettes to your image. Take black card stock paper and create a lens cover. Cut a shape out of the center of you newly made lens cover. Hold it up and snap away!

This was kind of a fun variation on framing and adding that vignette. In many of the examples, they recommended you tape your newly created lens cover to the body of your camera. Personally, I liked being able to move it back and forth to better my image. The only thing I didn’t love about this trick is how much black is in the image. I think I would cut a bigger shape next time.


Overall, I was very impressed with these tricks and hacks! These are great ideas to add a little something extra to your images. Try them out and let us know how they worked for you!


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