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1. Find all 5 of the RED COWS located throughout our website on various pages just like this one… and no this does NOT count as one location, but keep looking!

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S is for Spring… and Sharpie!

Collect a bouquet of colors with Sharpie Pens and share some of your creations with us! Visit us on Facebook or check out our Pinterest for more artistic ideas!










Preparing your body & mind!

We are wrapping up our wellness tips with foursteps to preparing your body and mind for a wet & cold winter! Beyond the usual precautions against cold and flu, there are other things to consider for staying healthy in extreme weather.

1. Protect your heart– Cold temperatures thicken the blood and constrict arteries, elevating blood pressure and leaving one vulnerable for a heart attack. Keep this in mind before starting physical activity and always do a good warm up. If you must exert yourself with a task such as snow shoveling, work a little at a time, taking breaks  in between.

2. Help your lungs– Cold air is often dry, irritating the lining of your lungs, bringing on asthma or other problems. In addition, viruses are vibrant in cold weather. To withstand these chilling effects, keep a scarf wrapped over your mouth and nose to moisten the air as you breathe.

3. Relieve your sinuses– sinus pain is the result of acute inflammation and cogestions of your nasla passages that often occur during the cold and rainy seasons. You may have a headache or feel pain elsewhere in your face or body. To relieve sinus pain, you need to cure the inflammation. Using nasal washes, sitting in steam, drinking non-caffeinated hot teas, and even eating spicy foods can all ease the congestion that may be causing you pain.

4. Enlighten your brain– Being so far from the sun during winter months can cause chemical changes in teh brain that lead to depression. This is called seasonal affective disorder (SAD). somethings, simple solutions can help. during the day, try to sit in the sun near large windows as much as possbile, which can stablize serotonin, the chemical related to depression.

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Hand made Valentine’s Day Card!

Get ready for Valentine’s Day next week with these perfect cards!

Start crafting and show us what you’ve made- we would loveto see your holiday crafts on our Facebook.

If you’re looking for ideas check out Kaboose for tutorials on holiday cards and decoration- like these here!

How to make it:


  1. Begin by cutting a piece of construction paper or card stock into four equal pieces.
  2. Fold quartered paper in half to make a card.
  3. For the easiest version, appropriate for preschoolers, use stickers to decorate or cut out hearts from a different color of construction paper or card stock to glue onto your cards. Experiment with different patterns, florals look great contrasted with stripes on a solid background.
  4. Younger children love glitter! Use a bottle of glue to “draw” on a heart or phrase (such as “Be Mine”). Sprinkle glue generously with pink, red or white glitter and let dry over night. Tap off excess glitter when completely dry.
  5. For the older set, let them use pinking sheers to cut out heart shapes and glue onto cards. Again, use contrasting patterns and colors to create a charming design.
  6. Once glue is dry, cards may curl up a little. Place cards between the pages of a heavy cookbook or phone book and leave over night.


Finding the perfect paper. Card stock is available in literally hundreds of different designs. The scrap-booking aisle has individual sheets or pads of various colors and patterns. Construction paper is inexpensive and children love it just as much.

Suggestions Please!

We want to hear from you! As apart of our current HP Printer giveaway here we are offering YOU an additional entry by writing on our Facebook wall suggestions for any product demos. Need some ideas? Browse our online catalog at for your favorite items. If it’s pens, sharpies, computer accessories, filing or storage solutions that you love- we have them and we want to show them off! Make sure to post to our Facebook  for your ideas and an additional entry (‘like’ our page, and write on our wall your favorite thing about Porter’s for TWO more entrys.. it doesn’t get any better)! 

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7 ways to get your desk clean- and keep it that way!

Too many halloween candy wrappers cluttering your desk? Oh no?… oh yeah me either…. but still it’s time to get that desk into shape before it’s too late and you’re climbing over yesterday’s lunch, last week’s faxes and memos to find your chair. Smead Organomics to the rescue! Follow their 7 tips to KEEP your desk looking great so it doesn’t end up like this one….

(sorry Doug, but thanks for the picture… better to ask for forgivness than permission right?)

Because you know what they say… an empty desk means an empty mind… wait….

Continue to read the full article below, or click here!

  1. Think of your desk as prime real estate. Whatever sits on it needs to deserve to take up the space. Only items you use on a daily basis should sit here.
  2. Keep supplies close by. Drawers and pencil caddies are convenient ways to make sure often-used items are handy.
  3. Keep things in reach. Resources, files and other items you use on a daily basis should be within arms reach. If you keep a telephone book on your desk, but use an online directory, then the phone book needs to go.
  4. Think “up”. By putting your computer monitor on a stand, you’ll not only raise it to a proper ergonomic level, but you’ll give yourself more clean desk surface space. If possible, install shelves above your desk, providing an area where you can keep binders and other resources within arms reach.
  5. Create a system. Organize your current projects by placing them in project jackets, poly file folders or other manila folders. Take the time to label each file and store them upright in an incline sorter. This is a great way to avoid piles of files and allows you to visually see all of your projects. Now you have a system that will help you maintain your clean desk.
  6. Use a stacked In/Out tray. Papers and unopened mail coming into your office need a temporary home until you can make decisions regarding them. Make sure that the bottom of the two trays acts as your In-Box, thus limiting just how much stuff can accumulate before you give it some attention. This helps you keep a clean desk and stay on top of projects that need attention.
  7. Get rid of distractions. Between people stopping by your office, your phone ringing, email coming in at a steady pace and keeping up with appointments and meetings, it’s no wonder it’s such a feat to maintain a clean desk. To simplify, get rid of excess personal items, including things that need to return to home. You should also pay close attention to the space under your desk as it’s often an easy hiding place for clutter. These distractions will only keep you from your goal of obtaining a clean desk.


Have any crazy, my-desk-got-out-of-control pictures? Post them on our Facebook at and tell us how your desk got so crazy.  Then get to work and start cleaning you filthy animal!

15 STEPS to protect your small business!

Don’t be left in the dark- Take control of your business by making sure everything is secure and protected! Follow these simple steps from our Office Stuff flyer this month to help you get started…

1. Inventory your company’s sensitive information and document where it is stored.

2. Keep sensitive data in strategic and minimal locations.

3. Encrypt sensitive data through applications or secure databases.

4. Use a Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) connection for receiving or transmitting credit card information and other financial data across the Internet.

5. Get at least two references for all new employees (and a background check may not be a bad idea).

6. Institute a good privacy policy and educate your employees on the use of social sites like Facebook and Twitter in the workplace.

7. Use a secure wireless connection adn a firewall.

8. Update your anti-virus software on a regular basis.

9. Change passwords on a regular basis and have computers return to the login screen after a few minutes of inactivity.

10. Download applications that only come from reliable sources.

11. Keep important data in locked filing cabinets or locked rooms.

12. Use paper shredders on a regular basis and place them throughout the ofice.

13. Password-protect laptops and mobile devices and be careful how you connect to outside Wi-Fi Sources.

14. Verify the secuirty practices of any of your vendors or outsourcers.

15. Consider using a managed security service or consultant to make sure your buisiness is as secure as possible.


The Swingline Stack-n-Shred Shredder will help you stay on top of your game AND save you time. Just place your stack of papers in, close the lid, and walk away- it does the rest for you! Buy yours here!

Get your coupon on!

Start saving money just by clipping coupons-the easy way! Saving your coupons only pays off if you aren’t spending too much time and energy on it. You can keep your coupons are organized and up to date so you get the most bang for your buck by using simple office supplies!

Avery gives some simple tips on their article here, and make sure to check out the items mentioned in the article below!

Here’s a video from the CouponDiva’s for tips on how to really search and maxmize you savings on the coupons avaliable.

Let us know how couponing is working for you… and give us tips on your favorite office products that help you get the job done! Visit our Facebook to leave comments and feedback- we love hearing from you- and stop by to start shopping today!

Who wants to be the Ultimate Garage Hero?

“So what if your neighbors are known for their award-winning rosebushes, or that awe-inspiring display of shiny cars in the driveway? You’ll be turning more heads than a heavy-duty power screwdriver once they take a peek inside your garage.”

And that is exactly what we want- a garage that turns heads! Avery is helping all you anti-organizers out there by making getting everything together a lot LESS painful with this awesome article on Simple Tips to Become the Ultimate Garage Hero

One of our favorite products that is featured in this article are the Avery Permenant I.D. Labels -which are made to resist wear and tear and perfect for labeling anything and everything! Read the full article here and get to labeling! Have good tips or suggestions? Share them and your pictures on our Facebook– we’d love to have you!

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Our first poll!

Time to celebrate summer with our first giveaway! We will be giving away a Yankee Candle to one lucky winner on August 1! To enter the drawing click here to answer a question about the history of Porter’s Office Products (You must answer correctly) and ‘like’ us on Facebook for an additional entry!

Stay tuned for more summer tips and promos this month, but in the meantime, nothing says 4th of July better than this clip… I couldn’t resist!