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Manage Your Snail Mail

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snail mailMeg here! A few years ago, the mailman was one of the sole carriers of information and documents for your office. But today, the rise of email has taken us further away from traditional snail mail. While technology has made quite a few things quicker and easier, snail mail still holds a strong place in our offices. So how can you juggle both forms of communication while staying neatly organized? I’m here to help!

  1. Start A Routine-Whether your mail carrier delivers directly to your office or you have a P.O. box, be sure that you know when and where the mail is delivered. With the immediacy and ease of email, it can be difficult to keep a schedule on direct mail. Once you make a note in your schedule to keep watch on the mail, you’ll never miss another bill or letter again!
  1. Organize a Mail Center– Be it on your desk or at a separate table in the office, a mail center is incredibly helpful. Depending on how much mail your office receives, it can be a quick five-minute job or it could take an hour or two out of your afternoon. When I’m sorting through mail, I like to keep this Writing Pad handy to jot down notes for any important payments or events that may be coming up. In the instance that something requires immediate attention, I also keep a stack of envelopes and Shipping Labels for quick turnaround. That way I can cross those items off the To-Do list as soon as possible!
  1. Unsubscribe– Does it seem like your company receives more junk than mail? Just like you would unsubscribe from a bothersome email list, look into unsubscribing from unwanted mailing lists. Sometimes this is easier said than done, and in the cases of unavoidable junk mail, toss it in the recycling bin!
  1. Safety First- While junk mail can easily be recycled, there are some items that contain more detailed information about your company. When in doubt, shred! I couldn’t live without our Cross-Cut Shredder. It shreds paper into cross sections, which is much more secure than a strip-cut. I also love how I can load the tray with papers for automatic shredding. It saves so much time.

I sure hope these tips help you to stay organized and on task when sorting through your office mail! Email may be a bit faster but there will always be a need for snail mail and keeping organized is a useful skill no matter what your preferred method of communication. If you’d like a few other ideas for keeping your mail organized, take a look at what the folks at Level Money have to say.

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How to Prepare for a Trade Show

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Meg here and it seems that every other weekend has a new trade show on the schedule. Whether you’re a veteran of these shows or you’re new to the experience, this guide will help you be as prepared as possible.

trade show

  • Pre Show Prep- Take some time to meet with your trade show team and work out what you’d like to accomplish during your time at the show. Are you planning on introducing a new product or service? Are you trying to keep attendees up to date and knowledgeable about your company? Maybe you’re looking to scoop up a few new clients and bring your service to a new region. Be sure that you and your team have a clear understanding of your goals before you begin your time at the show.
  • Keep a List- There are some trade show supplies that you just can’t do without! I always make sure to place an order of some key items before the show so I can make sure our team is stocked and ready. On my list are Avery Address Labels to keep everything organized and clearly labeled. I also keep plenty Pilot Gel Ink Pens on hand throughout the show. There’s nothing worse than trying to take notes with a pen that’s nearly out of ink! Finally, I always make sure each team member has a Deflect-o Desktop Business Card Holder. Trade Shows are key for networking and it’s so important to be prepared with plenty of business cards!
  • Keep a Schedule- Are there certain speakers or events that your team can’t miss? Keep a clear itinerary of all the events that you need to attend. It also helps to keep a few time slots open for flexibility and down time. Trade shows can be a busy time and it’s important to put aside a little time for a break.

Need a little more inspiration for trade show season? Take a look at these tips from the Huffington Post.

Until next time, Meg

Having Trouble Finding Items on Our Website?

Have you ever ordered a product online in the past and it’s no longer showing up on our website? That product is probably still available for you to buy. Do you want know how to find it? Check through our Quick Order feature.

quick order large2 (002)

This entire blog is devoted to helping you learn how to use Quick Order. It is extremely simple and easy to use. Remember, if you ever have any problems or questions, you can Live Chat with us straight from the website.

In your My Accounts tab, you will find Order History, and that is where you will find the products you have ordered in the past. Find the product that you want and can’t find, and copy or write down the Item Number. The Item Number usually starts with three capital letters and ends with various numbers and/or letters. For example: AVE17012.

On the top right corner of the Porter’s webpage there is a tab labeled Quick Order. When you click on that, a new page will pop up, and on that page there are a few areas where you can type. The left text box is where you can type the Item Number; enter the Item Number for the item you are trying to find and hit the Enter key. Soon you will notice that the item description will show up underneath the Comment/Description text box.

You will now want to save the item as a favorite. The reason for this is so that you won’t need to use Quick Order in the future, because the item will always show up in your favorites instead. To do this, click the Add To Favorites button. If you would also like to order the product at the time, you should click Add To Cart And Save To Favorites.

After clicking the Add To Favorites button, come up with a name for your favorites list and type it into the Favorites List Name text box. (Ex: Desk Supplies, Breakroom, Furniture.) Click the Add to Favorites List button, and the item is now a favorite. If you clicked Add To Cart And Save To Favorite To look at your favorites or change list names, hover over the Favorites tab in the top right corner of the page and click on Manage Favorites Lists. Here you can change list names and find items that you have saved as favorites.

Thanks for reading, and I hope you found this useful!
Happy Shopping!

Send a Professional Report

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Meg here and as we prepare for a new season outdoors, we also prepare for a new season in business. We provide a variety of weekly, monthly, and quarterly reports to our clients and partners that are critical to our growth. In order to make these reports organized and professional, we use a variety of tricks and tools.


To start, we keep a list of all the reports and due dates handy to be constantly updated during stages of work and completion. Nothing is worse than working through a document that’s already been finished by another member of your team. Our running list is on a white board, but you can start a workable spreadsheet online for your team or you can even use a good old paper to-do list. No matter the method, the most important thing is to stay on task and organized when it comes to producing reports.

Each report has quite a bit of data to keep track of, especially the quarterly reports. As the analytics roll in for our reports, I like to keep it all organized in specific folders using my Smead SuperTab Notes Fastener Folders. With their extra large tabs, I can personalize each folder down to the specific report and nature of the data with plenty of space to spare. Keeping the folders organized with easy to read information makes for a huge stress saver when it’s time to organize it all.

For those times when I need to re-label a folder I always turn to my Avery® Permanent File Folder Labels. They’ve got some great sticking power so I never have to worry about the labels coming off the files getting out of order.

Another great idea is to keep the analytics and data up to date on a running cycle. Whether that means a quick rundown on the information every couple of days or a weekly check in, it will save time in the long run if you keep a continuous eye on it. Some data may not be ready to check during that time but for the reports that are ready, this is a great system. Rather than spending a long few days compiling data and analytics, you can simply pull the information you’ve kept track of for easy and quick access.

Finally, you’ll be ready to present your reports! Make sure that your hard work comes through visually by creating a professional hard copy for your clients using the Fellowes® Galaxy Manual Comb Binding System. All those hours your team has put in organizing data will be ready to show off in a hard copy bound booklet.

No matter how you present it, organizing data and analytics for reports can be a bit time consuming. With the right system you can make it out with less stress and here’s hoping my tips will help you and your team. For a few extra pointers in office organization and productivity, take a look HERE.

Good luck with those reports and until next time,


Celebrate Earth Day In Your Office

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Meg here and did you know Earth Day is coming right up on April 22nd? We just love celebrating this beautiful world we live in go now. Earth day may be just one day out of the year, but helping the environment should happen every day! Even the office supplies you use can cut down on your waste and carbon footprint. Check out some of my favorite items and tips for keeping green:

Celebrate Earth Day In Your Office

Brown Bag It: Bringing your own lunch each day in reusable containers is a great way to not only stay green in the office but also save some green of your own! Even if it’s called a brown bag lunch, you can keep the environment in mind and use a cute lunchbox instead of paper bag each day.


Recycle: You guessed it! Recycling is one of the best ways to keep your office more environmentally minded. I’m sure your team is already great about recycling, but step it up a notch this year and work on recycling everything you can including plastics, paper, cardboard, and glass.


Use Recycled Materials: I try to cut back on using paper products but sometimes a sticky note is the best thing for the job. I love these Post-it® Notes Super Sticky Recycled Notes. They come in such cute colors and they’re made from recycled paper; nothing better than that!


Cleaning Products: Every office needs to be spring cleaned but it’s a great idea to keep the environment in mind when tidying up. By using green products you’ll have a sparkling office and a sparkling conscience. I use the Green Works® Compostable Cleaning Wipes when I’m cleaning. I love that they’re compostable and the fresh scent is easy on the nose as well!


Reuse: There are so many opportunities to reuse supplies in an office! Rather than writing out ideas or a to-do list on paper, I like to use a dry erase board. When I’m finished with a list or project, I can simply wipe it away and reuse the surface. I also prefer to use paper clips instead of staples for organizing documents on my desk. Paper clips are not only reusable but they come in so many cute styles and patterns too.


Green Technology: I’ve been guilty of being an energy hog in my office! When it comes to making the office greener, it’s so easy to overlook technology. A great idea for keeping energy levels low is to set your computer to sleep or hibernate mode when you’re away. A dark screen will save more energy than a screen saver. Another idea is to turn off the overhead lights. This works great if you work in an office with quite a bit of natural light. Not only will you save on energy usage, you’ll have the added benefit of extra sunshine!


Earth Day is a great time to take a little extra care in celebrating our planet, but with these easy tips you can take care of the environment every day! If you’re looking for a few more ways to keep your office green, take a look at THESE ideas.


Until next time,



Crunching for Tax Season!

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Meg here and if you’re anything like me, you’ve waited for the very last minute to put together your tax information. Thank goodness I have all the supplies I need in order to make this process quick and painless. When it comes to filing a bit late, these steps and tips are great to keep in mind:

1-Crunching for Tax Season via Porters Office Products

  • Stay Organized: Nothing is worse than dealing with a mess when you’re filing in a rush! To keep my timeline on track and keep my files in a row, I use <a href="http://shop doses of″>Avery® Easy Align Self-Laminating ID Labels. These labels are so quick and easy to print and place that my files are nearly never out of order!


  • Speak Up: If you have a question or are unsure about something in the documentation or requirements, ask. I think it’s so important to understand the ins and outs of filing taxes and I won’t hesitate to ask if something is a bit confusing. Better to ask and know than guess and make a mistake!


  • Check it Twice: Even when you’re in a bit of a hurry it pays to be sure your numbers are on track and in the right order. I always trust my HP 12C Financial Calculator. This trusty mathematic companion has never steered me wrong.


  • Keep It or Shred It: It’s important to keep important tax forms after you file, but some of your other sensitive documents can be disposed of safely. I use the Fellowes® Powershred 455Ms Micro-Cut Shredder for my remaining files. But before you shred, always double (and triple) check that you are keeping the correct files.


  • Send it: When it comes to sending off the final forms and documents, you want to be certain that your documents are secure when they’re in the mail. My favorite envelopes are these Quality Park™ Bagasse Sugarcane Envelope. When I send off my documents I want to be sure that they’ll be safe on their course.


  • Go Digital: I know most of my tips are for filing through paper documents but I’m a bit old-fashioned when it comes to filing! It can be quite easy to e-file your taxes using a digital program. You’ll be able to upload all your important documents to your computer and there’s plenty of helpful prompts to keep you moving in the right direction and filing correctly.


  • Relax- This is my favorite step of all! After I’ve sent off every document and form, cleared my desk, and organized and filed away all the extra papers, it’s time to take a break.  Whether you’ve filed through the mail or used an e-filing program, you can congratulate yourself on a job well done!


I hope these tips help you stay organized and on track while filing your taxes. For more tips you can take a look HERE. If you’ve already finished filing, I congratulate you!


Until next time,



Let the Holiday Party Season Begin!

Untitled design (4)November is the time to start thinking about all the upcoming holidays and how your office is going to celebrate!  Coordinating an office party seems simple enough, but it always leads to a headache. Follow these steps for planning an office holiday party and enjoy the season!

  1. Send Invitations: Even if the party is only for employees, make it more official with printed and mailed invitations. This makes your employees feel important and can act as a company holiday greetings card. Make mailing super easy with the Avery 5.5 x 8.5, White Shipping Labels w/TrueBlock Technology.
  2. Schedule Events: Office parties don’t usually have a set agenda, but make sure to have some back-ups if there’s a lull in activity. Try having music or decorations that encourage conversation.
  3. Double Plan Refreshments: While planning any party, it is guaranteed that the day-of someone is going to forget or cancel on bringing their assigned refreshment. While delegating who brings what, double up and plan for too many people. That way, you won’t run out of refreshments, and maybe you’ll have leftovers in the office kitchen the following week!
  4. Don’t Forget Utensils: How many times have you needed to make a last-minute run to the convenience store for forks, cups or napkins? Plan ahead and purchase these materials a couple days before your party and store them at the party location. Our Red SOLO Plastic Party Cold Cups come in packs of 50 and will be perfect for the occasion!
  5. Create a Cleaning Committee: The party planner is always the one stuck with the clean-up! Make sure to talk to some fellow employees before the party and have them agree to stay after and pick up. Even if there isn’t a large mess, you’ll have a back-up plan and be able to enjoy the party more!

Your office holiday party will go off without a hitch when you follow these simple steps. Enjoy the season!

Presentation Power Moves

Leave a Lasting Impression of Your Presentation

The next time you have a multimedia presentation and want to leave behind a hard copy for the participants, consider creating a customized CD instead. A CD can capture all the effects from your presentation such as sound and animation a hard copy document never could. When you leave them with your presentation CD, you’ll be providing more than just a copy of your presentation. You’ll leave them with an impression of you and your company that’s interactive and memorable.With the Avery CD Labeling System, your presentation CD can be as impressive as on the outside as the presentation itself. It comes with everything you need to create professional-looking CDs and jewel case inserts in just minutes. Avery CD Labels stick securely on your CDs, and won’t lift, peel off or wrinkle. Plus the simple label applicator makes applying the CD labels hassle-free.

Create a memorable CD presentation with these tips:

– When you design your CD label, don’t forget the basics. Include your company name and logo, the subject, date and location of the presentation to make the CD information easy to identify.

– Make the most of electronic media. Include video clips, audio commentary, and links to your company web page and other key information, if applicable. Take advantage of how a CD can showcase your information better than a typical hard copy.

– For a quick design solution, use the predesigned Avery Templates built into the Avery Design & Print Online at Just customize the text and print.

Whether you’re at a presentation meeting, tradeshow, or just networking, having a customized CD available to distribute can leave your audience with a favorable impression of you and your company. And with the Avery CD Labeling System, you’ll have all the tools you need to give your CDs that professional touch.

Take the Mystery Out of Mail Merge

Take the Mystery Out of Mail Merge


Whether it’s the holiday season or you’re planning your wedding or another big event, sending out cards or invitations can be a hassle. But we’re here to help. In just a few steps, you can create your own mailing list and perform a “mail merge” for fast, easy white or clear labels just the way you want them. It’s a time-saver you won’t want to miss.

1. Collect Your Names and Addresses

If your address book consists of handwritten names and addresses, not to mention scribbled scraps of paper and torn off return address labels, then you’ve come to the right place. When you create your single, consolidated mailing list, that’s your key to saving you time in the long run. Instead of hand addressing envelopes year after year, all you have to do is enter the names and addresses one time in your database program.

2. Select a Database Program

Whether you have different mailing lists in different programs, or you’re creating one for the first time, choose one database program you’ll want to use to enter your information. Microsoft® Excel® and Microsoft® Outlook® are two programs you might consider. Once you’ve entered your names and addresses to create your mailing list, updating your information is a snap. No more crossing out addresses in your address book every time someone moves and gets a new address. If you don’t have a spreadsheet with all of your names and addresses, you can start with our pre-formatted files for Microsoft®Excel or other database programs.

3. Download Free Avery Wizard Software or Use Avery Design & Print Online

The Avery Wizard Software for Microsoft® Office and Avery Design & Print Online are available for free. Both programs will import the names that you just typed into your Microsoft Excel® spreadsheet, Outlook® program, or other major database program, and get them ready to print.

4. Merge Your Information
Now you’re ready for the fun part. If you’re using Avery Wizard, just open the file which contains your mailing list, and click the Avery Wizard button in your Microsoft® toolbar. From the menu, select the Avery Mailing Labels product you’re using. Next, select a design template. Then choose the field names from your mailing list. This is the information you want included on the labels. Typically, the field names you’ll include are First Name, Last Name, Address, City, State, and Zip Code. And in just a few more clicks, you’re finished. Could it be any easier? For more detailed, step-by-step instructions for this part, check out our easy Quick Help guide for How to Mail Merge using Avery Wizard for Microsoft® Office.

If you’re using Avery Design & Print Online, select a text box then click Start Mail Merge under the Import Data (Mail Merge) tools. The application will help you locate your file and upload the names, then format the labels the way you want and you’re done! For more detailed, step-by-step instructions, check out our easy Quick Help guide for How to Mail Merge using Avery Design & Print Online.

5. Peel and Mail, and Away They Go

Now that you’ve conquered the task of creating a mailing list and the mail merge, here’s one more handy tip to complete your successful mailing. Use Avery Easy Peel® White Labels on your envelopes. Or, for a clean, printed-on look, try Avery Easy Peel Clear Labels. With the Easy Peel feature, it’s easy to grab the edge of the label to peel it from the backing sheet. Just print the labels, bend the label sheet to pop up the label’s edge, grab hold of the edge and peel.

Now that the mail merge is no longer a mystery, try it out yourself. Just download our free Avery Wizard software or login to Avery Design & Print online to get started. Once you create your own mailing list and accomplish the mail merge, you’ll agree that all your mass mailings are going to be much easier from now on.


Three Ways to be more organized this tax season!

 “It’s the start of a new year. A sense of optimism and renewal is in the air. But those pleasant feelings can fade away once those pesky reminders that tax season isn’t far away start to invade your mailbox.
While you can’t avoid tax season, you can make it less stressful through better organization. So, let’s look at some quick ways to do that.

1) Be kind to your eyes with clearly identifiable folders

It’s frustrating enough dealing with taxes. Don’t compound matters with folders that feature indistinguishable labels and indecipherable handwriting.

With bright, distinctive colors, Avery Removable File Folder Labels help your folders stand out, and make it easier to insert your tax records and receipts into the correct folders. Clearly marked labels can speed the file-sorting process and promote accuracy.

Plus, it’s a snap to create easy-to-read labels with customized categories exactly the way you want them. Just print the labels on your inkjet or laser printer, and place the labels on your folders.

Want to feel really organized? Color code the folders to keep related tax records together For example, use green for banking and financial records and red for medical receipts. (Even though you may not be a professional tax preparer, you can at least look like one.)

And after you’re done, just peel off the label and the folder is ready for your next project.

2) Keep your mind on track with reusable calendars

On the way to April 15th, you’ll have some important dates or goals to keep in mind. These could include:
– Deadlines to receive forms from employers and financial institutions
– Personal deadlines for organizing or preparing tax paperwork
– Meetings with your tax preparer
– Filing for an extension
– Signing and mailing your return

But with birthdays, doctor’s appointments, kid’s soccer practices, and other life events to remember, it’s easy for tax dates to slip through the cracks.

Dry Erase Calendars can wipe away that possibility. Just peel and stick this reusable calendar on any flat, clean surface. Then use Dry Erase Markers to write your tax-related dates on the calendar. Afterward, simply erase your notes with a quick swipe – and enjoy a clean calendar, month after month. For better organization, place your calendar by your computer or any room used for preparing taxes.

Want to move your calendar to another spot? The removable and repositionable adhesive allows you to lift off the calendar without leaving a mark.

3) Snap your paperwork into place with our binders

Did you know Americans spend an estimated nine million hours a day looking for lost or misplaced items? Imagine how much of that occurs during tax season! One quick solution: Avery Heavy-Duty Binders.

Think of these binders as a home safety deposit box for all your tax paperwork. Organize your all-important information into categories with Avery Dividers, with custom tabs you can make yourself. For small, loose items such as receipts, tuck them into three-hole punched Avery Sheet Protectors for safekeeping. For paperwork that needs your immediate attention, use the spacious pockets inside the cover to hold records, forms, and notifications.”

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