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Ways to Go “Back to School” in the Office

Oh Hiya,

Meg here! Fall will always hold a special back to school excitement for me; no matter how long it’s been since I walked through those hallways. Even if you’re no longer in school, fall can still bring the start of new things. These are some of my favorite ways to put a little joy into the back to school season.

back to school

When was the last time you bought back to school supplies for yourself? Fall is the perfect time to update your supplies while taking advantage of some great sales. I’ve already started a list! This fall I’ll be stocking up on 3M Yellow Note Pads and a new Swingline Desk Stapler. Nothing like some new desk accessories and supplies to get you in the spirit!

One of my favorite things about starting a new school year was the opportunity to meet new friends. Grab a few office friends and join a club or pull together a team to play in a local sports league. It’s a great way to get to know your office-mates outside of work while exploring a new hobby or staying active.

I used to always look forward to decorating my locker for the new school year. Now I look forward to sprucing up my desk with a few new accessories! This season I’m brightening up my desk with a new HON task chair. I’ve also had my eye on a cute new desk plant to bring a little more color to my space. There are so many options to update your office and these ideas from Porch are just perfect.

Back to school excitement shouldn’t go away now that you’re out of school! There are so many ways to celebrate the season, big or small.

Until next time, Meg

Scotchgard for Your Furniture

When you invest in furniture, you want to keep it looking nice and clean for… well, forever! Unfortunately, no matter how hard you try to protect it, there’s eventually going to be an accident and stains are going to pop up. If you’re looking for a way to protect your furniture so that even biggest spill doesn’t have to be an emergency, we have a solution for you.

Porter's Office Products

Introducing Scothgard for your furniture!
Well, it’s not exactly an introduction, because Scotchgard has been around for over 60 years, but we ARE excited to announce we’ll be offering the service for all of our customer’s furniture.

What is Scotchgard?
It’s a durable water and stain repellant manufactured by 3M. Scotchgard sprays on fabrics and materials to repel liquids and block stains, pushing them away from fabric fibers so stains release easily. Scothgard is a mist, so it won’t change the look, feel, or breathability of fabrics. It’s safe to use on delicate fabrics (think silk and wool) and is odorless when dry.

Where does Porter’s come in?
Our customers want stain protection on their valuable furniture, but might not have the time to apply it themselves. So instead, we’ll do it for you. We’re now offering Scotchgard as an additional service for those who buy Porter’s furniture and get it installed. If your furniture is already installed and you don’t want to miss the boat; we’ll come to you. The end result: Your furniture will not only look and feel great, but be ready to block liquids and shed stains, wherever they might materialize.

For more information about this exciting new service, give us a call and ask about Scotchgard for your furniture.

A Sunny Escape

Who Needs to Get Away?

Sometimes it can feel like your daily life is sucking the energy right out of you. Especially in the freezing months of winter. How would you like to take a break from it all for a few days? Get an opportunity to relax and not worry about anything. Imagine, what if you could have a few days on a hot sunny beach? Don’t let the challenges of life get you down and don’t let the cold winter freeze your spirit! Porter’s Office Products is excited to announce that with 3M we are offering a free vacation for one lucky winner. There’s no purchase necessary and the hardest part will be choosing where to go because this package is open for you to decide the destination.  It’s a $2,500 value and it will bring a little needed sun into this cold winter for you. So click this link and check out how to enter now!


Tropical scenery about a free vacation

A Breath of Fresh Air

Two times of year really bring up the need for cleaner air, especially in the work place where you need to function at your best capacity. Because of allergens the spring is the first time it should come to mind and then again in the fall. The fall is during different harvests and also the start of cold season. It’s a small wonder people spread so many illnesses when you consider a sneeze leaves your mouth at 30 miles per hour. It wouldn’t take much to spread that around when it’s got such good transportation. So we’ve compiled the top reasons to get an air purifier for your office or home.

  • Dust: Skin cells make up 80% of common dust and they carry dust mites which are no good for you’re breathing, especially if you have asthma.


  • Allergies: Buildings actually can be worse then being outside because heating and cooling units bring in all the stuff that causes problems with allergies and then the building acts as a bottle. Keeping all that stuff in and condensed around you.


  • Cold & Flue Season: With everyone sneezing, coughing, hacking and just breathing all over the place its necessary to filter and clean up the air you are sharing.

Simplify Your Desk

It can be a sobering experience to realize that you don’t have control over your desk. But don’t let it intimidate you. Sure it seems like a daunting task but the pot of gold at the end of this rainbow is well worth the trip. We’ve all had those moments at work where we know something is on the desk but can’t seem to find it for what feels like an eternity (especially when someone else is standing right there waiting for it). You may even at times look at your work space and wonder, how did this happen? And while it’s obvious that half the battle is forming good habits and having a functional organizational system there is also a couple easy steps we can all take to simplify the desk mess.


Trays & Racks

So lets take a brief over view of how we can make our own lives easier. Start with either trays or upright folder racks. Again these really work with a system but we’ll leave that decision up to you, just try to have one. Adding these to your work space will greatly reduce the pile up of paper. Obviously don’t just start tossing important documents but don’t be a hoarder either. Even trays and racks can’t handle you keeping every little memo that is of no actual use to you.


Pen Bucket

Some people are in greater need of this then others but our writing utensils can pile up, be lost in the shuffle and get us to pull out a new one. But if we could remember to put those pens, pencils, highlighters, what have you into a pen bucket or even a clean bean can it will keep all those tools we need right were we can find them. Now for a little secret, shhh don’t tell anyone. There are products out there we can get that will take multiple everyday needed items and put them all together compactly and conveniently. For example this 3M Vertical Desktop Organizer pictured to the right.


Posting Board

Nothing seems easier to lose than a small note or memo. You place it on your desk telling yourself it will be so easy to find later but inside we all know it’s never that simple. And the smaller they get the more dangerous they become! But never fear we have a solution for that as well. Adding a small posting board of some kind to your work space will relieve you of this issue. A magnetic whiteboard, push pins and corkboard, or my personal favorite a self sticking board made by Post-it that is good for use after use after use and requires no more than for you to push the paper to the surface. Any of these items will make your life much simpler and free up valuable desk space.

Privacy Filter Study

This independent research is commissioned by 3M, makers of the 3M privacy filter. Ponemon Institute conducted an experimental study on how the use of a privacy filter affects the productivity and privacy of actual employees in a business environment. Often overlooked by today’s mobile workforce is the importance of safeguarding confidential data from prying eyes. The findings of the Visual Privacy & Productivity Experimental Study reveal that there is awareness of the importance of visual privacy and this perception does affect productivity when working outside the office.


Five of our most important findings are as follows:

  • Employees are more productive and transparent when a 3M privacy filter is installed on their laptop or desktop computer.
  • Gender makes a difference. Female employees appear to work longer and harder than their male counterparts. The positive effect of the 3M privacy filter on employee productivity appears to be stronger for female versus male employees.
  • Age makes a difference. Employees between 26 and 35 years appear to work harder and longer than employees over 55 years. The positive effect of the 3M filter appears to be strongest for individuals at or below 35 years.
  • The impact of 3M privacy filters on employees’ productivity and transparency (or honesty of response) is related to their privacy orientation. The positive effect of the 3M privacy filter appears to be stronger for those who perceive privacy as very important or important to them.
  • Position seniority appears to impact the positive effect of the 3M privacy filter on employee productivity. Our results show that individuals at or above the supervisory level within their organizations are more productive than rank and file employees. In contrast, individuals below the supervisory level exhibit, on average, a higher level of transparency.

This is a small summary of the study done by 3M, for the full study click here

Fostering Team Work

Team work

A lot can be said about the effectiveness and benefits of working in teams. The power of synergy and the potential for creativity are forefront.  There are three specific benefits to those two items that this post will highlight along with some tips to maximize those benefits.


1. Leveraging Strengths of Individuals and Minimizing Weaknesses

The old adage, “you’re only as strong as your weakest member” is only true if you let it be true. Bring together a group of people, all strong in different areas and have them focus where they are strongest in the group. Even though each member on their own could be mediocre over all you will have an all-star team.


2. Keep the Focus on the Groups Objective

If every member of the team has the group’s objective as the number one priority higher results will be achieved. One member should not be able to consider the project a victory if they accomplish their task but the project ultimately fails to succeed. The only success should be found in the group’s objective. If this is their attitude then every member will be doing all hey can to make sure each member is succeeding. In a team people should build off each other’s efforts, that’s what synergy is.

3. The Environment must be Positive and Open

A lot of silly concepts proceed the really genius. If people are mocking and nay saying ideas then the really brilliant ideas will  ever surface because the team will be unwilling to take risks. There is such a thing as a bad idea but not until the right idea has  been found. Let the creative juices flow naturally and undisturbed. Have ways to illustrate the ideas. Large post-it notes and a bare wall are perfect for this. When done correctly ideas are preserved and individuals can express their thoughts more clearly with scribbles, arrows, text and yes even pictures! Smaller sticky notes can be attached to the large thoughts as comments and suggestions come in on the original idea.


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