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  • Overcome Procrastination

    Overcome Procrastination

    True confession: I procrastinated on writing this article on procrastination. The irony is funny, right? Actually, it is proof positive that we all procrastinate now and then; some more often than we’d like to admit. As a Productivity Consultant, I love ... Read More
  • When to Get a Custom Stamp

    When to Get a Custom Stamp

    Here at Porter’s we’re always looking for ways to make you day easier. Today let’s simplify things with custom stamps. Basically any short statement you have to hand right repeatedly should be created with a custom stamp. Not only will you ... Read More
  • Gesture Chair, A Game Changer

    Gesture Chair, A Game Changer

    With today’s technology rapidly changing and evolving, Steelcase’s ergonomics team did a study of over 2,000 people on 6 continents, and found that people are sitting in 9 postures today that the traditional office chair does not support.  As a result, Steelcase released an ... Read More
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  • New Steelcase Table

    New Steelcase Table

    We have a brand new Steelcase conference table available immediately.  We are currently displaying one in our Pocatello showroom.  Some of the features it includes are listed below: Boat-shape 120″ long x 48″D in the center, 40″D on each end “Clear ... Read More
  • Tips for Teachers

    Tips for Teachers

    Teachers have one of the most rewarding, as well as challenging, jobs out there. The job doesn’t stop when the teacher leaves the classroom, and because of this, we recognize the importance of not wasting a single minute of the work ... Read More
  • 6 Tips for Tracking Expenses When Traveling

    6 Tips for Tracking Expenses When Traveling

    Traveling for work is something that many of us will do at some point. While you are traveling for work it is especially important to keep track of all expenses so that you can account for your spending and receive proper ... Read More